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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Computer security has been among the Laboratory’s research interests for many years, along with related topics such as cryptology, formal methods, hardware design, biometrics, and the robustness of distributed systems in general. 

The security group is interdisciplinary in nature, both within computer science (spanning signals, protocols, architecture, systems software, and applications) and beyond (including economics, criminology, and psychology). We are one of the oldest security-research groups, and have long-standing collaborations with institutions within the UK and abroad.

We hold meetings, seminars and workshops, which are described in more detail in subsequent pages. Attendance is not restricted to members of the Computer Laboratory; we welcome visitors from other universities, companies, and other organisations. Much of our best research has been inspired by tackling real problems, and our funding comes from a wide range of sources; we collaborate with commerce and industry both in the UK and overseas. We are always happy to discuss potential projects, commercial sponsorship and consultancy assignments.