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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Women@CL Committee 2020-21

Women@CL is run by the Computer Lab staff and students. We are:

Mahwish Arif This is my third year with Women@CL and second year as Chair. Along with my team, I hope to grow the network stronger despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. I have been working as a Research Assistant in the Computer Architecture group and now doing my PhD. My research interests are manifold and include parallel programming, multi/many-core architectures, security, compilers and binary translation.


Kevalee Shah I'm a third year Clare CompSci, doing a project in unsupervised learning this year. I am also the president of Cambridge University Jain Society and you can often find me in my gyp trying out various new recipes or in Fitzbillies!

Deputy Chair

Aida Miralaei I am a third-year PhD student in the Computer Architecture group, from Emmanuel College. When not doing Lab work, you can find me with my camera taking photos around Cambridge.


Aga Słowik I'm a second-year PhD student working on inductive biases in deep learning. Apart from research, I enjoy teaching, writing, hiking and learning foreign languages.

Tech events Co-Chair

Mila Marcheva I am a Part II Computer Science student at Gonville & Caius College. I am interested in computational linguistics and have an upcoming dissertation in this topic. In my free time I do a lot of rowing with Caius Boat Club and have two sets of blades from Lent Bumps 2019 and 2020.

Tech events Co-Chair

Ana Dolinar I'm a second-year undergraduate student at Trinity. I come from Slovenia, and my interests include sports (I love mountaineering and running), playing boardgames and eating ice cream.

Social events Co-Chair

Ananya Hari Narain I'm a second year undergraduate at Sidney Sussex. Social events this year will be different but I'm determined to make them as memorable and engaging as they always have been.

Social events Co-Chair

Marta Walentynowicz I'm a 2nd year undergrad from Queens' college. I come from Poland, I love windsurfing and playing for the uni team in volleyball. In a week time I'm getting married so my surname will change to Walentynowicz at some point :)

Oxbridge Conference Co-Chair

Erika Bondareva

Oxbridge Conference Co-Chair

Andreea Zaharia I'm a Part II student at King's College with a background of competitive programming. I'm now interested mainly in security and machine learning, with passions for teaching and growing communities.

Media Chair

Zahra Tarkhani I am a PhD student in the Systems Research Group. I am interested in operating systems, security, and trustworthy computing, and my research is centered around providing applications with strong isolation and fine-grained compartmentalisation mechanisms. I am glad to work as women@CL representative this year and help to make our CL more and more supportive for all.

 women@CL Representative

Chelsea Edmonds I'm a second year PhD student in the theory group interested in the formalisation of mathematics and its applications to software verification. I'm originally from Australia, and outside of work I love to travel, read, teach, and play the violin. I'm really passionate about diversity and education in STEM, and so am excited to be taking on the mentoring and outreach co-chair role for Women@CL this year!

Mentoring & Outreach Co-Chair

Isy Lynch

Mentoring & Outreach Co-Chair

Marketa Green

 women@CL Administrator

Anil Madhavapeddy

Academic Liaison

If you are interested in getting involved with women@CL, please contact us.
For past members and friends of our organisation, please visit the Friends of women@CL page.

Our Events

women@CL events include:

  • Oxbridge Conference - An annual conference that aims to bring together junior and senior female computer scientists at Cambridge and Oxford.
  • Big Sister Little Sister Events - The Big Sister Little Sister programme was formed at the request for informal student-to-student mentoring. Events such as dinners, movie nights, and formal halls provide opportunities for students to socialise.
  • Coffee and cakes - Coffee & cakes offers students a chance to socialise on a regular basis. Bring or buy your own coffee while women@CL provide the chocolate cake.
  • Speaker Lunches - Our women@CL lunch talks provide an opportunity for everyone to network with early-career women role models in research, industry or start-ups. These lunch events are open to all, we provide free lunch including chocolate cake, and our attendance is high with the approximate split of 50-50 between women and men.

Local Mailing Lists

women@CL have a mailing list through, and members of the list can send and receive mail that is relevant to women working in computing. For more information, please go to our mailing list page.

WICR Mailing List

To stay informed anyone can subscribe to the WICR mailing list. The aim of this list is to disseminate information about activities that celebrate, inform or support women in the UK who are, or plan to be, engaged in computing research or academic leadership. To join the WICR list send email to with SUBSCRIBE WICR in the body, or go to
Anyone who wants to launch a discussion is welcome to do so by inviting responses privately, then summarising to the list. For now, the list is unmoderated, and archives are public on the jiscmail website to provide a handy reference. For queries about the list please contact us.