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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Information for students 2021-22

Welcome to the Computer Science Tripos

Full information about your courses is available at where you can find the timetables, individual course details and tick and project deadlines.

Please make sure you follow the building guidance when entering the Lab.

Part IA Registration is on Thursday 6 October, 2pm in Lecture Theatre 1 in the Computer Lab

This is followed by a student-run ice-breaking session in the Intel Lab in nthe Computer Lab (approx 3.15-4.15pm).

Important Course dates

Michaelmas term

Digital timetable will be live at the start of term
Ia and IB Details of practical ticks can be found in Head of Department notices
Part II Part II Project important dates

Lent term

IB Group project presentations Live streamed on Wednesday 16th March 2022 (TBC).  Further details to follow.
Outstanding Michaelmas term ticks There are catch-up sessions at the start of term. Lookout for Moodle announcements or ask Student Admin. 
Part IA and Part IB Lent term tick deadlines See course websites for interim deadlines and HoD notices
Part II projects Project progress reviews are due in on 4th February 2022 (12 noon)
Applications for Part III Applications must be sent to Student Admin by 13 February (Division of Term) Further details  


Easter term

Part II dissertation submission 12 noon Friday 13th May 2022. A PDF by electronic submission on Moodle
All years - Tripos written exams 6th - 9th June 2022 (TBC)
Publication of Part II classlists 23 June 2022
Publication of IAand IB classlists 6th July 2022 


Workload and expectations

Term time

Each of years 1 to 3 of the Computer Science Tripos is organised in four strands and the amount of work in each strand ranges from 8 to 12 hours per week, meaning that, in the most intense periods of study, you would be expected to be working 48 hours a week.Typically, per strand, this might be 3 hours of lectures, 2 hours private preparation for lectures, 1 supervision, 3 hours of private preparation for supervision, and 3 hours of practical work, including preparation for the practical.


2.5 hours per weekday


84 hours of exam revision, 4 hours of exam supervisions, 12 hours of examinations.

Practical work

Details of practical ticks can be found in Head of Department notices. Further information can be found on individual course websites. Some practicals are run as drop-in sessions whilst others require attendance. Do read the course guidance carefully.

Exams advice

The main exams take place in June. You can find exam timetables and other information here, including the structure of the exam papers and formal notices about deadlines for practical work together with some useful information and tips on how to be successful in your exams.

The 2021-22 tripos exams will be held online on Moodle.

Lecture attendance

Part IA and IB students are expected to follow all lectures on video. In Part II you specialise and select your courses (see guidance below). All lectures, including those Part II lectures given live, will be recorded.

Blended learning guidance

The Department plans to provide as much in-person teaching as possible during the 2021-22 academic year.  We feel strongly that our teaching should remain rooted in residential, in-person delivery.  However, there may be occasions where this in-person teaching is blended with online activities, either to improve your educational experience or where we assess it as safer in line with public health advice.  

The University has produced four short videos to help you make the most of blended learning:  

  1. What to Expect 
  2. Approaching Blended Content 
  3. Structure and Routine 
  4. Wellbeing

Student reps

The Computer Lab Staff and Student Consultative Forum (SSCOF) meets twice termly. Do contact your rep with any suggestions or problems. The Lab is always ready to listen. Find your rep’s contact details. There are also student reps on the CL Faculty Board.