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Events and Competitions

This page shows events and competitions being hosted by our Supporters' Club members.


Recruiter in (virtual) residence session - book to meet Ab Initio

At Ab Initio, we try to approach each situation without all the standard assumptions that result in conventional thinking and solutions. That is, from scratch; with fresh eyes and a clean slate. We believe that a deeper understanding should guide everything we do, and our goal has always been to build the world’s best software that can solve the toughest data processing and data management challenges that large organizations encounter.

Success is not just about getting the right software - it is about people too.  People to train, mentor and support you. Our people want to work closely with you so that you can be successful. They want to solve problems and they don’t just work on matters specific to Ab Initio products. They are prepared to work on challenges that span entire environments and can requisition whatever resources are required to help a customer in need. This is a fundamental part of the Ab Initio approach; this is what sets us apart from other software companies.    
We are recruiting recent graduates for our Field Consultant role which is supported by a two-year training programme. We are looking for problem-solver candidates who have an excellent academic background and preferably a Master's degree in Computer Science to create innovative solutions for our customers. We are looking for candidates who would love the opportunity to travel, who crave the freedom and trust to develop their skills and deliver projects without being micro-managed, and who have an inquisitive approach to working with technology.

If this sounds like you and you’d like to find out more, we’re holding a recruiter in (virtual) residence session on Wednesday 28th April and we’d love to meet you. Just email and we’ll arrange a 15 minute session for you to speak with a Field Consultant and Cambridge University Alumnus at Ab Initio.


Palantir Scholarship and Event Opportunities!

Palantir Scholarship and Event Opportunities!

At Palantir, we strongly believe that true innovation stagnates in the absence of representation, and it's our mission to contribute to meaningful growth and change within the technology sector. As a part of this mission we launched our Scholarship programs to provide opportunities for future leaders in tech to thrive and impact the world through their work.

The 2021 application period is now open and we are accepting applications. We strongly encourage you to apply!

Women in Technology Scholarship

Global Impact Scholarship

Lastly, we invite you to learn more about life at Palantir, straight from our internal affinity group communities. We will host an information session and product demo in February, and discussions on topics of identity in March. We will share event dates and details in the coming weeks - sign up here if you'd like to be included in the event updates!

For any questions, please view our website for more details and contact information. You can also find our current openings for interns and new graduates listed on our careers page.


TPP Talk - OpenSAFELY - A new paradigm in health analytics & research

This talk discusses OpenSAFELY - a project that TPP have collaborated with Oxford University and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on to build a national scale platform for rapid COVID research. For more info visit

Hear from one of our developers, Jonny Cockburn, talk about creating the largest Covid-19 EHR research database in the world!

About Jonny – Software Developer, TPP

I started as a software developer at TPP back in 2009 after graduating from a Computer Science degree at Newcastle University.

Working as a software developer for TPP is incredibly rewarding. The work that we do here is really interesting, always challenging and never boring. It is amazing to play a part in the development of software that really makes a difference to people’s lives. Through university, I always wanted a career in software, but the ability to combine that with a job that directly improves healthcare is the thing that really attracted me to the job.

I’ve worked on loads of projects over the years at TPP, but in recent years I’ve moved towards AI and analytics.

The talk is on our YouTube channel and can be found here.


Cisco Opportunities

1 week placement opportunity for 1st years!

Our aim is to provide you with a software development project that lets you experience what it is like to work as part of the Ensoft engineering team, using industry leading development practises. Your project will relate to the work that our engineering teams do, and be a self-contained piece of work that can be competed across a week long placement.

To learn more and apply please visit the following link:

Fast Track to Assessment Day

Position - Ensoft Graduate Software Engineer

Date & time tbc

At Cisco, we understand filling applications can become time consuming, therefore we are giving you the opportunity to submit your CV directly to the Engineering Team - if you are interested please submit your CV to