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Department of Computer Science and Technology



These pages are currently being updated for 2020/2021. Most material has not yet been updated from 2019-2020, but there are some new project suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Overseer Allocations

Overseeing allocations (2020-2021) will be released at the time of the briefing lecture in Michaelmas.

Information for Overseers: OVERSEERS ONLY.

Information for Supervisors: SUPERVISORS.

General Information

Forms and additional sheets:

Project suggestions

Note: these are informal suggestions for projects that may not have been checked by the Computer Laboratory (except for the model proposals).

To get an idea of what a completed dissertation looks like, you can also view dissertations from previous years (2019 onwards are Raven protected, earlier dissertations need to be viewed on the computer in the library).

Project suggestions always welcome

Please email the URL of your project suggestion to Timothy.Jones at