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Department of Computer Science and Technology


To celebrate the success of companies founded by Department of Computer Science and Technology graduates and staff


2019 Awards

  • Company of the Year: PolyAI

  • Product of the Year: Pur3 Ltd for Pixl.js

  • Better Future Award: Gemma Gordon for her work on bridging virtual reality with climate change education

  • Publication of the Year: Noa Zilberman, Gabi Bracha and Golan Schzukin for "Stardust: Divide and conquer in the data center network"

2018 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Bromium

  • Product of the Year: PetaGene for PetaSuite

  • Better Future Award: Sandra Servia-Rodríguez, Kiran K. Rachuri, Cecilia Mascolo, Peter J. Rentfrow, Neal Lathia, Gillian M. Sandstrom for "Mobile sensing at the service of mental well-being: a large-scale longitudinal study"

  • Publication of the Year: Petko Georgiev, Nicholas Lane, Cecilia Mascolo, David Chu for 'Accelerating Mobile Audio Sensing Algorithms through On-Chip GPU Offloading'

2017 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Improbable

  • Product of the Year: Grakn Labs for GRAKN.AI

  • Publication of the Year: Jatinder Singh, Thomas F. J.-M. Pasquier, Jean Bacon, Julia Powles, Raluca Diaconu, and David Eyers for "Big Ideas paper: Policy-driven middleware for a legally-compliant Internet of Things"

2016 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Unikernel Systems

  • Product of the Year: Ellexus for Mistral

  • Publication of the Year: Anil Madhavapeddy, Thomas Leonard, Magnus Skjegstad, Thomas Gazagnaire, David Sheets, Dave Scott, Richard Mortier, Amir Chaudhry, Balraj Singh, Jon Ludlam, Jon Crowcroft and Ian Leslie for "Jitsu: Just-In-Time Summoning of Unikernels "

2015 Awards

  • Company of the Year: SwiftKey

  • Product of the Year: Bromium for vSentry and LAVA

  • Publication of the Year: Daniel Wagner, Andrew Rice and Alastair Beresford for "Device Analyzer: Understanding smartphone usage"

2014 Awards

  • Company of the Year: DeepMind Technologies

  • Product of the Year: Masabi for JustRide

  • Publication of the Year: Jaroslav Sevcík, Viktor Vafeiadis, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Suresh Jagannathan, and Peter Sewell for "CompCertTSO: A Verified Compiler for Relaxed-Memory Concurrency’"

2013 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Raspberry Pi

  • Product of the Year: RealVNC for VNC Automotive

  • Publication of the Year: Tadas Baltrušaitis, Peter Robinson and Louis-Philippe Morency for "3D Constrained local model for rigid and non-rigid facial tracking"

2012 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Trampoline Systems

  • Product of the Year: Bango for the Bango solutions suite

  • Publication of the Year: Salvatore Scellato, Cecilia Mascolo, Jon Crowcroft and Mirco Musolesi for "Track globally, deliver locally: Improving content delivery networks by tracking geographic cascades"

2011 Awards

  • Company of the Year: RealVNC

  • Product of the Year: VectaStar Gigabit Point-to-Multipoint Microwave Backhaul from Cambridge Broadband

  • Publication of the Year: Robert Watson, Jonathan Anderson, Ben Laurie and Kris Kennaway for "Capsicum: Practical Capabilities for UNIX"

2010 Award

  • Company of the Year: Ubisense

  • Product of the Year: Custom Action Figure from That's My Face

  • Publication of the Year: Tom Cashman, Ursula Augsdörfer, Neil Dodgson and Malcolm Sabin for "NURBS with Extraordinary Points: High-degree, Non-uniform, Rational Subdivision Schemes"

2009 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Linguamatics

  • Product of the Year: OpenPMF from Object Security

  • Publication of the Year: Oliver Woodman and Robert Harle for "Pedestrian Localisation for Indoor Environments"

2008 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Xensource

  • Product of the Year: Samsung SyncMaster 940UX from DisplayLink

  • Publication of the Year: Tyler Moore and Richard Clayton, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge for "Examining the Impact of Website Take-down on Phising"

2007 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Jagex Ltd

  • Product of the Year: Zeus Technology for ZXTM VA

  • Publication of the Year: Ursula H. Augsdorfer, Neil A Dodgson and Malcolm A Sabin for "Tuning subdivision by minimising gaussian curvature variation near extraordinary vertices"

2006 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Codian

  • Product of the Year: Zetadocs PDF from Equisys Ltd

  • Publication of the Year: Steven J Murdoch and George Danezis for "Low-Cost Traffic Analysis of Tor"

2005 Awards

  • Company of the Year: Sophos

  • Product of the Year: Tideway Systems