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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

If you are a member of staff interested in running a UROP project, please see our internal information pages.

The UROP scheme is set up to allow Cambridge undergraduate students to spend a period of time over the summer assisting with research activities taking place across the spectrum of University Departments. It allows you to gain an insight into the research being undertaken by the world-class academics that teach you and provides an opportunity to develop some of the technical and transferable skills required in research activities, and by many other graduate careers.

The UROP scheme is managed by the Department of Engineering and full details can be found on their website along with the details of the current projects being offered. If you have any queries about UROP scheme in general, please contact Vicky Houghton from the Department of Engineering. If you have any queries about the operation of the UROP scheme within the Department of Computer Science & Technology, please contact JungHa Woodward.

A list of the UROPs currently being offered is available here. You can choose to apply for any of the UROPs on offer, including those outside your own Department. Full information regarding the UROP scheme including eligibility criteria and funding information can be found on the main UROP webpage.

The scheme is open to any Cambridge University student provided that they have at least one full academic year of their undergraduate course to complete. UROP students will be paid National Living Wage plus the appropriate holiday pay. Payments made to students are subject to appropriate deductions for PAYE (Income tax and National Insurance contributions). The normal duration of a UROP placement is 8-10 weeks and take place over the Long Summer Vacation.

Once you have been assigned to a project, you will be sent a number of forms to complete and sign. These need to be returned to Mrs JungHa Woodward at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, before the project starts.

Prior to starting the project, your schedule of work should be negotiated with your supervisor. Students should be in the UK and are expected to work on the project 37.5 hours per week. Weekly timesheets will be submitted through Cambridge Casual Worker System (CCWS). Also your supervisor will confirm your timesheet to each week.

Students are expected to conform to an acceptable technical standard. Supervisors retain the right to terminate appointments, if performance remains below the required standard, following due warning. Students should also note that their UROP will be terminated immediately if they cease to be registered for the following academic year (e.g. by failing in the Tripos examinations).