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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Candidates for Part IB of the Computer Science Tripos are required to undertake a group design project as part of their practical work in Lent term.

Organisers: Alan Blackwell and Robert Harle

All communication regarding the group projects should be addressed to the group project email address, in order to reach all members of the organising team.

Project information for 2023-24

Groups and clients for 2023-24

Groups and clients for Lent term 2024 will be announced on the first day of Lent term - please contact with any queries.

Example Risk Report

The risk report should focus on the risks to your project succeeding on time (and not, say, on general health and safety points). It is only 50 words. Example:

"Identified risks:
 * Training data requires access authorisation that has not been approved, and we don’t know if client can do this
 * Two group members have unreliable network connections and may miss meetings
 * One group member is in timezone UTC+8, and will have to attend meetings late at night
 * Bug reports on Github for a library we plan to use suggest maintenance updates will be necessary for recent Android release"

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