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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The table provides general information on when research group and departmental talks are regularly scheduled. Note that some of these seminars may not occur outside of term time. For more specific information, see upcoming seminars.

Day Time Seminar/Meeting Room Contact
Tuesday 13:15 AI research group seminars SS03 Mateja Jamnik
Tuesday 13:15 Networks and Operating Systems group meeting FW11 Gemma Gordon
Tuesday 14:00 Security Seminar Series LT2 Hridoy Dutta
Wednesday 13:00 Tech Talks FW26 Ben Karniely
Wednesday 13:00 REMS lunch FW11 Peter Sewell
Wednesday 15:00 Wednesday Seminar Series LT1 Ben Karniely
Thursday 13:00 women@CL lunch talks (monthly) FW26 Zahra Tarkhani and Zohreh Shams
Thursday 14:00 Graphics & Interaction Group (Rainbow) SS03 Peter Robinson
Thursday 15:00 Systems Research Group Seminar FW11 Ryan Gibb
Friday 12:00 Natural Language and Information Processing FW26 nlip-seminars@
Friday 14:00 Cambridge Programming Research Group GS15 Raphël Proust
Friday 14:00 Logic and Semantics SS03 Jamie Vicary
Friday 16:00 Security Group meeting FW11 Markus Kuhn
Friday 17:00 Happy Hour FC24 Matthew Danish, et al.

Other computing-related seminars in Cambridge

Upcoming seminars