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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Current Academic Members


Jean Bacon - Professor of Distributed Systems

Jean Bacon

Jean Bacon was the first woman to be appointed, in 1985, as a lecturer in the Computer Laboratory and, rumour has it, the first who applied. After partially retiring in 2010 she is a Director of Research, continues to lead the Opera research group and to be involved in international conferences, especially DEBS (Distributed Event-Based Systems) and Middleware. She is a fellow of the IEEE and BCS, and an emeritus fellow of Jesus College. She was founding Editor in Chief of IEEE Distributed Systems Online, 2000-2007; this was the IEEE Computer Society's first online-only magazine and became the more broadly based Computing Now in 2008. She was elected a member of the Governing Body of the IEEE-CS, 2002-2007. She was on the editorial board of IEEE Computer from 2008 and moved to its advisory panel in 2012.


Ann Copestake - Professor

Ann Copestake

I'm a Professor in the Computer Laboratory. I'm one of the two Deputy Heads of Department - I have reponsibility for Teaching. My research is in computational linguistics: I work on formalising and implementing various aspects of human languages. People often think of computational linguistics as a `soft' subject, but this is far from true - developing systems that can process real language at reasonable speed means thinking hard aboutalgorithm design and coding. Programming is a means to an end, but it's also something I enjoy. At its best, it's a form of puzzle-solving which leads to practically useful results. What really attracts me to computational linguistics is its breadth. I've collaborated with people with backgrounds in several different disciplines including linguistics, mathematics, philosophy and psychology.