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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Research Students Course Handbook


Travel, conferences, research placements, risk assessments, and expenses

Researcher development, talks, women@cl

Official statements and CamSIS

Student support

The main source of pastoral support for students is provided by Colleges. Each postgraduate student is assigned a Tutor by the College who will be available to meet, or correspond by email, with students to discuss personal and tutorial matters.
MPhil students are also assigned a Course Adviser by the Department who will advise on course matters.

Other sources of student support may be found from the following bodies:

Complaints procedures and exam reviews

Students should also refer to the new procedures Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on procedures for student complaints and reviews, The Reporter weekly edition 6469, section 6, page 628.

The Department has appointed a Responsible Officer and a Deputy who will respond to complaints at a local level in accordance with the Procedure. Please note that a complaint must be raised with the Responsible Officer within 28 days of the complaint arising.

Supervisors and Postgraduate Advisers

Other resources for research students

Unofficial material

Supervising undergraduates

Many research students at the Computer Laboratory supervise undergraduate students for their courses or final-year projects. Supervising is an excellent opportunity to gain someteaching experience. It also earns a bit of money.

If you are interested in supervising courses, refer to these web pages:

Then talk to one of the College Directors of Studies (for Part IA/IB courses) or Student Administration (for Part II courses).

If you would like to propose and supervise a topic for a Part II project please contact the Teaching Support Manager for undergraduate teaching at Your details can then be added to the Project Suggestions web page.