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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Laboratory research students have a single official supervisor, named to the Student Registry, who is primarily responsible for all aspects of the student's research.

The Academic Adviser's role is internal to the Laboratory, and is not intended to be highly formalised or onerous. The role was previously known as the Graduate Adviser.

The function of the Academic Adviser is to take an interest in and provide additional support for a student through, for example, literature suggestions, informal technical discussion, pointers to resources etc, as appropriate, with a formal commitment to an interview once a term. A student may have more than one Academic Adviser.

The Academic Adviser would normally be the person appointed by the supervisor to assess and discuss the student's first year report etc. The Academic Adviser is also usually the person appointed to assess and discuss the student's second-year report and thesis schedule. Because of the conflict of interests, the Academic Adviser may not be normally appointed PhD Examiner.

The Academic Adviser is not required to submit any formal reports. However if they see serious cause for concern in the student's situation, they should contact the Secretary of the Degree Committee.

It is for the supervisor to invite a person to act as Academic Adviser, and it may be useful to change adviser if the student's work alters direction. The supervisor should give the Academic Adviser's name to the Secretary of the Degree Committee.

A list of current research students, their supervisors, and Academic Adviser may be found here.

Secretary of the Degree Committee

Updated November 2023