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Guidance on procedures for asking for a Mark Check or requesting an Examination Review

There are now new procedures in place for if you feel there is an irregularity in your examination result.

The Examination Review Procedure has three stages. Other than during the Local Resolution stage, the handling of any examination review will be conducted centrally by the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA).

Stage 1: Local resolution

An examination marks check form should be used if you feel there is an issue with your examination marks. This should be completed by you and your college Director of Studies or College Tutor within 28 days of receipt of your results. This check is to ensure that marks have been correctly transcribed from the question assessor to the master marksheet and then to the grade roster. Please return your completed form to Student Admin.

For queries please email

Stage 2 and 3: Examination Review

If a student thinks their mark is too low they would need to go to the EAMC with a good reason.

Please see the further guidance links below.

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