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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The Wiseman Prize scheme is aimed largely at research staff and research students (but may also include undergraduates) who make a commendable contribution to the work of the Department. The Head of Department will call for nominations from senior administrative staff and University Teaching Officers in July each year, and those nominated will receive a formal letter awarding them a "Wiseman Prize". Recipients may wish to mention that they have received this Departmental award on their CVs. Staff and students can be nominated for more than one year, as continued contributions are most welcome and make a real difference to the work of the Department.

Although we cannot guarantee funding, those making a commendable contribution worthy of an award will be looked upon favourably when applying for Departmental funds for travel and conferences and for 10th term funding for PhD students.

Examples of the types of activities which will result in a nomination are:

  • Supervising/demonstrating on a sustained basis
  • A leading role in women@CL and its activities
  • Outreach and participation in Open Days
  • Happy Hour organisers

This list is not exhaustive - there are many ways students and staff can contribute to the work of the Department. The decision to make an award will be at the discretion of the Head of Department.

2019-20 Prize Winners
  • Mahwish Arif
  • Apinan Hasthanasombat
  • Jack Hughes
  • Tobias Kohn
  • Qingbiao Li
  • Shaun Steenkamp
  • James Thorne
2018-19 Prize Winners
  • Andrew Caines
  • Catalina Cangea
  • Matthew Danish
  • Andrej Ivašković
  • Russell Moore
  • Omer Sella
2017-18 Prize Winners
  • Daniel Bates
  • Mario Cekic
  • Krittika D'Silva
  • Matthew Danish
  • Botty Dimanov
  • Martin Kleppman
  • Stephan Kollman
  • Robert Kovacsics
  • Kevin Heffernan
  • Amandla Mabona
  • Chaitanya Mangla
  • Mariana Marasoiu
  • Alessandro Montanari
  • Ewa Muszynska
  • Jean Pichon-Pharabod
  • Olesya Razuvayevskaya
  • Michael Schaarschmidt
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Diana Vasile
  • Alexander Vetterl
  • Mark Wassell
  • Conrad Watt
  • Poonam Yadav
2016-17 Prize Winners
  • Lucian Carata
  • Matthew Daggitt
  • Gyuri Denes
  • Guy Emerson
  • Kevin Hefferman
  • Graeme Jenkinson
  • Alex Kuhnle
  • Marwa Mahmoud
  • Theo Markettos
  • Ewa Muszynska
  • Christian O'Connell
  • Raphael Proust
  • Philip Saville
  • Daniel Thomas
  • Petar Velickovic