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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Members of the Women@CL network meet regularly for research talks and social events

Computing research is an important and exciting field: computer scientists can change the world and have great positive impact. Currently, however, only a small (though growing) number are women and non-binary. That’s where the women@CL network aims to help. We’re here to support women and non-binary people in computing research in their careers and encourage them to aspire to leadership positions, both in academia and industry.

We have a positive action programme focusing on interdisciplinary research, leadership and enterprise. This includes career development activities such as regional and national workshops, mentoring and networking. Our long-term goals are to:

  • provide support for women in computing research
  • stimulate new research by bringing diverse viewpoints and expertise to bear
  • increase the recruitment and retention of women in computing research careers
  • support women in aiming for early leadership roles
  • increase women’s understanding and participation in entrepreneurial ventures
  • contribute to a positive public perception of computer science
  • increase public engagement in computer science

Local activities include our monthly Speaker Lunches where invited female speakers talk about their work, research, career issues and other relevant topics. This provides positive female role models to our students and early career researchers. We also run a local career development workshop.

Additionally, we organise the annual Oxbridge Women in Computer Science Conference in collaboration with the University of Oxford, and invite participants from other UK universities. We are also planning to do more outreach and mentoring activities with local schools. 

We forge formal connections with existing bodies with similar goals. We also promote successful women and projects by placing articles, profiles, and interviews in all forms of media.

Read on to find out more about us and our activities. Please get involved, and encourage others to do so as well, and help us make a difference!

If you would like to join the companies that actively support women@CL, please contact women@CL Administrator.

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