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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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In practice, we expect students to start thinking about their project in the latter half of Michaelmas term. As mentioned before, all projects must have a department supervisor, and so the first step usually involves discussing your areas of interest with your Course Adviser, and then contacting potential supervisors. Please do not approach potential supervisors until after the Project Briefing lecture. Once you have found a supervisor who has agreed to supervise your project, and you have agreed upon a topic, you will need to complete a Phase 1 form on Moodle. This will need to be complete by no later than Friday 26 October.

Project suggestions

Several research groups and members of staff maintain web pages with project suggestions:

In many cases these are indicative and not final: ideally you, in conjunction with the supervisor, will work on fleshing out the details. This will likely involve doing background reading and preparation in October and early November so that the official project proposal and workplan submitted on 23 November represents an informed and realistic idea of what you will do.

Self-proposed projects

If you have a plan for a project of you own devising, and you have already discussed this with a potential supervisor and he or she has agreed to supervise it, you should also submit a Phase 1 form by 26 October. However, as approval for you project will not have been given by the Graduate Education Committee and you may need a Plan B, i.e. choosing a project from those published above, you need to submit your full proposal and workplan a week earlier on 16 November.