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Department of Computer Science and Technology


As yet, the number of women in computer science is small, but it is growing. On this page, you can meet some of the inspiring women computer scientists in this Department

Image shows Dr Ildiko Pete

'Conducting research here has been a transformative experience'

17 February 2021

Meet Dr Ildiko Pete, a postdoc in our Cambridge Cybercrime Centre where she works at the intersection of machine learning and cybersecurity.

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Read more at: Showcasing our healthcare research

Showcasing our healthcare research

1 February 2021

Using body sound recordings to predict Covid-19, and employing AI to improve cancer treatment, were among the projects discussed at our Healthcare Research Showcase last week. The event can also be viewed online.

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Image shows Early Career Fellow Bianca Dumitrascu

New Fellows will help Accelerate Discovery

18 November 2020

Four Early Career Fellows have just joined our Accelerate Programme to help researchers across the University advance the frontiers of their work through the application of AI.

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Dr Amanda Prorok

'Robot trainer' receives ERC Starting Grant to study transport systems of the future

3 September 2020

Dr Amanda Prorok, an Assistant Professor and University Lecturer in Cyber-Physical Systems here, has today been awarded a coveted European Research Council Starting Grant

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Dr Alice Hutchings

Private-eye-turned-researcher receives ERC Starting Grant to study cybercrime

3 September 2020

Dr Alice Hutchings, a researcher into cybercrime and a University Lecturer on computer security, has today been awarded a coveted European Research Council Starting Grant.

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Image of undergraduate Vasundhara Agarwal

Why I thought I wasn't smart enough for Computer Science...

28 July 2020

She was conditioned by a tutor to believe that "girls aren't smart enough for Computer Science". But two years into her degree here, Vasundhara Agarwal now knows that's not true.

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Read more at:    On The Move

On The Move

6 July 2020

Many of us spend time plugged into our headphones. But could they be doing more than streaming music - such as making us healthier and happier? This is one project being explored here in a collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs.

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Image of Dr Amanda Prorok

Meet Amanda Prorok, robot trainer

18 June 2020

Dr Amanda Prorok has just won an Amazon Research Award for her work on ways to induce artificially intelligent agents - like robots and driverless cars - to achieve common goals while working in shared spaces.  

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Image of PhD student Michelle Seng Ah Lee

Understanding 'fairness' in machine learning algorithms

16 June 2020

When more and more decisions in business are informed by machines and models, fairness seems important. Aviva PhD student Michelle Seng Ah Lee is trying to understand how fairness can be reflected in the algorithms used by businesses.

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2020 Wheeler Lecturer Dr Sophie Wilson

The Wheeler Lecture 2020: The Future of Microprocessors

20 May 2020

At this year's Wheeler Lecture, Dr Sophie Wilson looked at the history of microprocessors, how we got to where we are now, and what constraints there are on the future. As predicted, there were laws, graphs and references to Star Wars...

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