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Department of Computer Science and Technology


I'm a Cambridge graduate but didn't read Computer Science. Can I still join the Cambridge Ring?

Cambridge Computer Lab Ring is open not only to all graduates and present and former staff of the Computer Laboratory, but also Cambridge graduates from other disciplines working in computing careers.

How do I join?

Simply send details of your college year of graduation and subject to

I've got a job opportunity. How do I advertise it to Ring members?

The Cambridge Ring aims to connect Ring jobs seekers and employers.

All members can advertise positions. Simply send details (word doc preferred) to and they will be included in the regular job listing that is sent to all members.

What's the Cambridge Ring's mentoring scheme?

The Cambridge Ring's mentoring scheme was set up in 2006 and offers Ring members the opportunity to receive individual support from a dynamic group of volunteer mentors who give their time so that others may succeed.

As a mentee, you will be able to:

  • clarify your career plan
  • make contacts
  • receive support and guidance on a range of job-related skills.

As a mentor you will be able to:

  • expand your professional network
  • build upon your current skill set
  • gain volunteering experience
  • gain a sense of satisfaction from passing on your knowledge and experience

If you are looking for a mentor, or would like to join the mentoring team, please contact

Can you put me in contact with someone in a particular industry sector?

If you need help contacting a member working in a particular sector or with a particular job function, just contact us.

What is the Cambridge Ring Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame is a list of companies started by Computer Lab graduates and staff.

Every year, the Cambridge Ring holds Hall of Fame Awards, with the winners announced at the annual dinner.

If you would like to add a company to the list, please contact us.

Details on how to submit a nomination can be found here.