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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Computer Science Tripos, Part IA, 2023-24

This Announcement relates to Regulation 11 of the Computer Science Tripos which is as follows:

13. A candidate for Part IA shall submit to the Head of the Department a portfolio of assessed laboratory work. The Head of the Department shall announce not later than the division of the Michaelmas Term next preceding the examination the nature of the laboratory work to be undertaken and the dates by which, and the manner in which, the results of such work are to be presented. The Examiners shall be provided by the Head of the Department with assessments of the work submitted by each candidate, and shall take these assessments into account when assigning marks for the examination.

Work to be Undertaken

During 2023-24, Part IA candidates are required to undertake the following units of assessed coursework (ticks):


Exercise Number of ticks Deadlines
OCaml Practicals 5 ticks 12noon, 16 Oct 23, 23 Oct 23, 30 Oct 23, 6 Nov 23, 19 Jan 24
Hardware Laboratory 4 ticks 6 groups. Ticks 1&2 in Michaelmas, Ticks 3&4 in Lent (submission deadlines vary)
Algorithms 1 Practicals 2 ticks 12noon, 5 Feb 24, 19 Feb 24
Algorithms 2 Practicals 1 tick 12noon, 11 Mar 24
Scientific Computing 4 ticks 12noon, 22 Jan 24 (Ticks 1&2), 29 Jan 24 (Ticks 3&4)
Database Practicals 2 ticks 12noon, 16 Nov 23, 23 Nov 23
Introduction to Graphics Practicals 2 ticks 12noon, 14 Nov 23, 28 Nov 23
Machine Learning and Real-world Data Practicals 12 ticks 14:30 Ticks 1-3 2 Feb 24, Ticks 4-6 23 Feb 24, Ticks 7-9 1 Mar 24, Ticks 10-12 8 Mar 24 (submission deadlines vary)
Interaction Design Practicals 3 ticks 12noon, 2 May 24, 9 May 24, 21 May 24


Further information will be given by the leaders of the associated classes. The deadlines stated above must be adhered to.

The exercises and experiments will be assessed weekly in term. The work must be completed to a high standard; this requires more than simply obtaining the required result.

Candidates may be interviewed to assess a selection of their reports. Each unit of coursework that has been adequately completed will be given a tick. Fractions of ticks will not be awarded.

To satisfy the requirements of Regulation 13, assessed reports will, once they have been accepted, be retained by the Department.

Candidates should ensure that their portfolio of marks is correctly recorded by 12 noon on Monday 20 May 2024. Any shortfall from the required number of ticks incurs a penalty of 10 marks per missing tick. The maximum penalty is 100 marks (one full paper).

It is expected that all candidates achieve all the ticks allocated to their cohort.


Approved by Department of Computer Science and Technology Faculty Board October 2023