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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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The Supporters' Club is a group of companies, ranging from the very small to the large, that actively support teaching or research in the department.  For many members, the opportunity to take part in student recruitment is one of the key aspects of membership.

It is set up to be mutually beneficial – companies pay a modest subscription to the Club, and we provide things that cost us little directly but may be of great benefit to our supporters. The income is particularly valuable to us as it typically funds things which would be more challenging through traditional bureaucratic routes: supporting additional research students, helping in cases of student hardship, outreach programmes, bridge-funding new research ideas, etc.

Please note that we follow the University's general guidelines when considering whether companies meet suitable ethical and other criteria for membership, and this is reviewed on a regular basis.


Members of the Supporters' Club enjoy several benefits, and bring benefits to the department in return:

Annual Recruitment Fair

Members can purchase a table at the fair, held in the Autumn, which is an excellent opportunity to meet, mingle, and discuss career opportunities with our students.

Technical Talks

A chance to enthuse students with stories of the challenges being faced in the real world.

Collaboration opportunities

We offer a variety of ways to consult with our experts or collaborate on research.

Student group projects

Propose a group design project for our second year students, providing feedback and guidance on their progress.

Annual dinner

Come and meet with us and other members of the Club at our annual dinner in Cambridge.

Student contact

Advertise jobs, events, placements and internships to our students, through the screen in our departmental café, our website, and our occasional email circulations.

Concierge service

If you'd like to contact somebody in the department with particular interests or expertise, we can provide an introduction.

For Students and Staff: Opportunities

Information for University students and staff from Supporters' Club members:

Graduate opportunities

Members can promote employment opportunities to our students.

Summer internships

Student jobs over the summer provide a great way for students and companies to learn about each other, and possibly explore longer-term relationships.

Events and competitions

Members can promote events and competitions to our students.


Current Supporters' Club members

The impressive list of companies who are already in the club.

Join the Supporters' Club

Shouldn't your company be a member too?

Contact details

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