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Department of Computer Science and Technology

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Companies started by Computer Science and Technology graduates and staff

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Current number of companies: 335

  • Acorn Computer Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1979, Acorn produced a number of computers including the BBC Micro.

  • Active Media Solutions Founders: John Bates and Giles Nelson

    Founded in 1995, Active Media Solutions was one of the first companies to deploy complex database-driven websites in which information can be easily classified and searched rather than statically encoded as HTML.

  • Actuarial Solutions Ltd Founder Martin Barringer

    Founded in 1999, Actuarial Solutions Limited is a specialist provider of software tools and consultancy for actuarial applications.

  • Acunu Co-founders:Tim Moreton, Tom Wilkie and Andy Twigg

    Founded in 2009, Acunu provides real-time Big Data analystics, database and storage software.

  • Adaptive Broadband Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1997, Adaptive Broadband developed a wireless broadband technology. ABL was bought by California Microwave Inc in 1998

  • Adventiq Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 2005, Adventiq developed a VNC-based system-on-a-chip.

  • Aesthetic Integration Co-founder: Grant Olney Passmore

    Founded in 2014, Aesthetic Integration's formal verification technology (Imandra) is used by banks, funds and regulators to analyse the safety, fairness and regulatory compliance of financial algorithms.

  • Aircloak Co-founder: Sebastian Probst Eide

    Founded in 2014, Aircloak allows large companies to work with, and analyse, vast amounts of private and sensitive data about individuals without ever violating the individual's privacy.

  • Aluma Founder: George Harpur
    Founded in 2009, Aluma is a Cambridge-based software company applying machine learning and other techniques to intelligent document processing.

  • Amino Communications Co-founder: Paul Fellows

    Founded in 1998, Amino Communications develops core software technologies and customer-premises products for the IPTV market.

  • Angani Co-founder: Ripduman Sohan

    Founded in 2013, Angani is a cloud services provider that is situated in and serves East Africa (KE, UG, RW, TZ).

  • Angel Alerts Ltd Founder: Dinan Gunawardena

    Founded in 2012, Angel Alerts helps you deal with your digital legacy, taking care of all your online passwords, accounts and offline records while you are alive, and handing them over to your next of kin or will executor after your death.

  • Anidium Founder: Igor Drokov
    Founded in 2015, Anidium is a digital health startup, developing a simple and affordable remote test for Atrial Fibrillation – a key heart rhythm condition associated with high risk of stroke and heart failure.

  • Anondesign Co-founders: Conchur Dickinson and Simon Freytag

    Founded in 1999, company specialising in the development of bespoke software, web applications and database systems.

    The company moved from Cambridge to Northern Ireland in 2003 and was renamed Acidy Limited

  • ANT Co-founder: Nicko van Someren FREng

    Founded in 1992, ANT is a leading provider of software solutions and services to TV device vendors, broadcasters and operators with millions of units deployed worldwide.

  • Anvil Co-founders: Ian Davies and Meredydd Luff

    Founded in 2015, Anvil is a Python-based drag-and-drop web app builder.

  • Apama Co-founders: John Bates and Giles Nelson

    Founded in 1999 to provide next-generation Trading Strategy Management technologies to allow traders to instantly and continuously analyse, evaluate and respond to market events.

    Apama was acquired by Progress Software in 2005

  • APM Ltd Founder: Andrew Herbert

    Founded in 1985, APM specialised in the technology and application of networked and distributed IT systems

  • AppChocolate Founder: Oliver Lamming

    Founded in 2014, AppChocolate creates innovative and fun mobile apps, from Advent calendars to sports coverage.

  • Applied Generics Co-founders: Joe Dixon, Bruce Adam and Ian Atkinson

    Founded in 1999, Applied Generics developed software which could gather information through the GSM network.

    Applied Generics was acquired by Tom Tom in 2006.

  • AQrex Founder: Conchur Dickinson

    Founded in 2007, AQrex provides a web-based platform that can be used for various research products.

  • ARM Co-founder: Mike Muller

    Founded in 1990, ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices.

  • Advanced Rendering Technology Co-founders: Daniel Hall and Adrian Wrigley

    Founded in 1995 to design and develop leading-edge computer graphics technology.

  • Artimi Co-founder: Jack Lang

    Founded in 2002 to develop silicon solutions for ultra wideband technologies.

    Artimi merged with Staccato Communications in 2008.

  • Axiomatic Technology Ltd Founder: David Moore

    Founded in 1994, Axiomatic Technology Ltd, based in Nottingham, install automatic internet-connected people counters, and provide our clients with statistics about shop footfall, and office and university room and desk usage.

  • Axxeltrova Founder: Faisal Ahmed
    Founded in 2009, Axxeltrova is a London based FCA registered tech and telecoms focused specialist Investment Bank.

  • Azuro Co-founders: Paul Cunningham and Steeve Wilcox

    Founded in 2002, Azuro pioneered a paradigm shift in the digital implementation and optimisation of next-generation SoCs

    Azuro was acquired by Cadence Design Systems in 2011.

  • Bango Co-founders: Ray Anderson

    Founded in 1999, Bango provides the technology that powers commerce for businesses targeting the growing market of internet enabled mobile phone users.

  • Bantr Co-founder: Toby Austin

    Founded in 2010, is an online social network for football fans to watch games, predict results, and share comments.

  • Basis Communications Founder: Gavin Stark

    Founded in 1998 to design and arket chips and other components used in networking equipment.

    Basis was acquired by Intel in 2000.

  • Beauhurst Co-founder: Toby Austin

    Founded in 2010, Beauhurst provides organisations with high-quality data, tools and analysis.

  • BERI Open Systems CIC Co-founders: Ben Laurie, Simon Moore, Robert Watson

    Founded in 2013, BERI Open Systems is a not-for-profit UK Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) supporting the community of academic, educational, industrial, and hobbyist users of the open-source hardware-software designs such as the BERI processor.

  • Bid Management Ltd Founder: Paul Beard

    Founded in 2002 to provide major bid support and bid and sales performance improvement for carriers and technology companies

  • Biodot Ltd Founder P Shaw

    Founded in 1987, Biodot Ltd is an Ink jet printing company of biological materials for making bio-medical rapid diagnostic tests.

    The company was sold to American partners in 2000 and is now known as Biodot Inc.

  • BitX Founder: Nicholas Pilkington

    Founded in 2013, BitX was the first Bitcoin/Rand exchange.

  • blinkx Founder: Suranga Chandratillake

    Founded in 2004, blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine.

  • Blue Compass Founder: Chris Timms

    Founded in 2003, Blue Compass owns and operates a portfolio of Recruitment and Networking websites across the full spectrum of the UK's Arts and Media industry.

  • Boldport Founder: Saar Drimer

    Founded in 2010, Boldport creates better development tools for hardware engineers.

  • Blue technologies Co-founders: Tom Godber and Sean Mullaney

    Founded in 2001 to create software solutions combining the best of mobile and enterprise technologies.

  • break-step productions Founder: Kona Macphee

    Founded in 2001

  • Bromium Co-founders: Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt

    Founded in 2010, Bromium is an enterprise security and virtualisation start-up.
    In 2019 Bromium was acquired by HP.

  • Browser to Buyer Founder: Dave Gowans

    Founded in 2016, Browser to Buyer is a consultancy helping online business to significantly increase their sales and revenue by using research to understand why users don't buy, then creating and split testing new versions of pages.

  • Business Web Software Co-founders: Grant Husbands and Giles Mitton

    Founded in 2001 to provide software applications for web and intranet use.

  • Bytemark Co-founders: Matthew Bloch and Peter Taphouse
    ​Founded in 2002, Bytemark is an internet hosting company. In 2018 it was acquired by iomart Ltd.

  • CacheLogic Co-founders: Adam Twiss

    Founded in 2002, CacheLogic developed one of the first P2P caching solutions.

    In 2006, Twiss spreaheaded the technical transformation of CacheLogic into the first P2P assisted Content Delivery Network, Velocix.

    In 2009, Velocix was acquired by Alcatel-Lucent.

  • Calipsa Co-founder: Rashid Khan

    Founded in 2016, Calipsa is using advanced Deep Learning algorithms to transform how video monitoring and analysis is done worldwide.

  • Cambridge Broadband Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 2000, Cambridge Broadband is the market leader in point to multipoint wireless backhaul and access solutions.

  • Cambridge Coding Academy Co-founders: Andrius Aucinas and Raoul-Gabriel Urma

    Founded in 2014, the Cambridge Coding Academy is developing adaptive learning technology to personalise computer science education.

  • Cambridge Cyber Limited Co-founders: Frank Stajano and Graham Rymer

    Founded in 2016, Cambridge Cyber Limited is a consultancy whose two main lines of business are penetration testing and security training.

  • Cambridge Visual Networks Founder: Quentin Stafford-Fraser

    Founded in 2007 to develop cloud-based digital signage.

  • Cambridge Spark Founder: Raoul-Gabriel Urma

    Cambridge Spark's mission is to empower organisations to achieve business goals by educating their current and future workforce in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.

  • Camdata Ltd Founder: Peter Cowley

    Founded in 1984, Camdata designs and manufactures computer equipment for difficult environments and networking electronics for security uses.

  • Camrivox Co-founders: Jonathan Custance and James Green

    Founded in 2005, Camrivox delivers products for unifying telephony with On Demand and premise based CRM solutions.

  • Cantab Wireless Founder: Juha Korhonen

    Founded in 2007 to provide consulting services in wireless communications and new emerging wireless technologies.

  • Capabilities Limited Co-founders: Ben Laurie and Robert Watson

    Founded in 2011, Capabilities Limited provides operating-system network and security consultancy.

  • Carrington Computer Consultants Ltd Co-founders: Tim Coote and Graham Pattie

    Founded in 1982, Carrington pioneered the use of Personal Computers to displace specialist hardware, minis and mainframes in commercial and industrial applications.

  • CatchApp Founder: Oliver Lamming

    Founded in 2015, CatchApp is a unique scheduling app that takes the email back-and-forth out of setting up meetings.

  • Cedalion Founder: Chris Galley

    Founded in 1995, Cedalion was the leading Edinburgh based technical consultancy. It was acquired by Charteris plc in 2004.

  • Censeo Systems Founder: Peter Jones

    Founded in 2003, Censeo produces product lifecycle management software for obile service providers.

  • Co-founder: Ben Salili-James
    Founded in 2015, provides creative AI to simplify and accelerate the production of interactive storytelling, and also provides the engine that powers the projects, enabling audiences to become a part of the story, talk to the characters and maintain a personalised relationship with the narrative.

  • Climate Code Foundation Co-founder: Nick Barnes

    Founded in 2010, The Climate Code Foundation is a non-profit organisation to promote the public understanding of climate science.

  • Clusterfudge Founder: George Thomas
    Founded in 2023, Clusterfudge is building a new, AI-first supercomputer scheduler.

  • CodeThink Founder: Robert Taylor

    Founded in 2007, Codethink delivers effective technology solutions for international corporates, finance, medical, telecoms, aerospace and automotive.

  • Codian Co-founders: David Holloway and Will MacDonald

    Founded in 2003, Codian developed and manufactured high performance video and voice over IP communications equipment.

    Codian was acquired by Tandberg in 2007 for USD270million.

  • CoFarm Foundation Co-founder: Laura James
    Founded in 2018, CoFarm brings people together to grow and share delicious, nutritious food and help build stronger, healthier ecosystems and communities. Their vision is to enable everyone in the United Kingdom to have access to local, sustainably produced food and opportunities to enjoy growing and sharing it with others, by 2030.

  • Cognitive Solutions AG Founder: Stefan G Hild
    Founded in 2016 to develop data science solutions for industrial applications. Acquired by ei3 in 2021.

  • Collabora Co-founders: Robert McQueen and Robert Taylor

    Founded in 2005, Collabora is a global consultancy, specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world.

  • Contengo Co-founder: Charles Southey
    Founded in 2020, Contengo is a provider of bespoke software and SAAS products to the professional services industry, and are also working on an identity management platform for the broader market. 

  • Corral Co-founder: Noam Szpiro

    Founded in 2012, Corral provides a transportation service. When you book a Corral Car, you get door-to-door service with other riders heading in the same direction as you.

  • Cotares Co-founder: Alan Jones

    Founded in 2002. Initial projects are in the areas of Vehicle Information Systems and Broadband Wireless.

  • CPlane Co-founders: Ian Leslie and Simon Crosby

    Founded in 1999 as a network optimization software vendor.

  • Creature House Founder: Alex Hsu Siu Chi

    Founded in 1994 to develop software in computer graphics.

    The Creature House technology and development team was acquired in 2003 by Microsoft.

  • Cronto Founder: Igor Drokov

    Founded in 2005, Cronto is a leading provider of secure transaction authentication solutions for Internet banking.

    Cronto was acquired by VASCO in May 2013.

  • Cunning Running Software Founder: Christopher Barrington Brown

    Founded in 1988, Cunning Running Software develops high quality software solutions in the defence and homeland security markets.

  • Curious Software Founder: Justin Wise

    Founded in 1999, Curious Software developed ground breaking animation and visual content creation software for the broadcast television, video, and presentation industries.

    Curious Software won a Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category in 2004.

  • DataCore Software Co-founder: Nick Connolly

    Founded in 1998, DataCore Software is the leading Storage Hypervisor and Storage Virtualisation company.

  • Co-founder: David Mack

    Founded in 2013, Datoral is a cloud platform that allows everyone to get insights out of data in seconds.

  • Datanomic Founder: Richard Marsh

    Founded in 2001, Datanomic developed data quality solutions.

    Datanomic was acquired by Oracle in 2011.

  • DeepMind Technologies Co-founder: Demis Hassabis

    Founded in 2010, DeepMind Technologies is a cutting edge artificial intelligence company. It combines the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.

    DeepMind Technolgies was acquired in 2014 by Google for a reported $400m.

  • Detective Hero Founder Jonathan Goddard

    Detective Hero runs murder mystery events outdoors via a GPS-based app.

  • Devyce Inc. Co-founder Edward Clayton
    Founded in 2020, Devyce is using AI to reinvent the business VoIP system.

  • Digital Mail Founder: Robert Darwin

    Founded in 1991, Digital Mail is an established telecommunications provider.

  • Digitivity Founder: Andrew Herbert

    Founded in 1996, Digitivity specialised in Java and e-commerce. It was acquired by Citrix Systems in 1998.

  • Disguise Founder: Ashraf Nehru
    Founded in 2003, Disguise is building a hardware / software platform that allows show creators to visualise their productions in minute detail, and then helps them deliver the show on large scale physical canvases.

  • DisplayLink Co-founder: Quentin Stafford-Fraser

    Founded in 2003, DisplayLink's semiconductor and software is used in globally branded PC accessories, like wired and wireless USB graphics adapters, universal docking stations, monitors and zero clients.

  • dividiti Founder: Anton Lokhmotov

    Founded in 2014, dividiti provides tools and services for performance analysis, modelling and tuning of heterogeneous computing systems.

  • DroneDeploy Founder: Nicholas Pilkington

    Founded in 2013, is a smart drone management platform to make drone operations simple.

  • D2 Legal Technology Founder: Akber Datoo

    Founded in 2011, D2LT is a legal change & data consulting firm, operating at the intersection of FinTech and LegalTech. D2LT won 1st place at the FT Innovative Lawyers Award 2017 for its digitisation work with Barclays, and the FT Intelligent Business Awards 2019 for its industry standard data model for ISDA Master Agreements.

  • DuffGun Ltd Founders: Dinan Gunawardena

    Founded in 2012, DuffGun is an Internet and mobile software development consultancy.

  • eCosCentric Co-founders: Nick Garnett and Jonathan Larmour

    Founded in 2002 by the eCos group within Red Hat, Inc. with the goal of furthering the technical and commercial development of eCos and RedBoot technologies.

  • Founder: Craig Dean

    Founded in 2019, is a consultancy company promoting stewardship in business.

  • Electric Software Founder: Jeff Fenton

    Founded in 2009 to sell CBT software for Microsoft Office, Windows and major software packages for single users and corporate networks.

  • Electronic Share Information Founder: Jack Lang

    Founded in 1993, Electronic Share Information Ltd was one of the first online brockerages. It was acquired by E*Trade in 1995

  • Element Founder: Matthew Hodgson
    Founded in 2017, Element (formerly New Vector Ltd) builds secure, decentralised communication solutions on top of the open standard communication protocol, which we created. Our mission is to cement Matrix as the open communication layer of the open Web.

  • Elixir Studios Founder: Demis Hassabis

    Founded in 1998, Elixir Studios was a video games developer.

  • Ellexus Founder: Rosemary Francis

    Ellexus are the market leaders in detecting library and tool chain dependencies, providing a world-class enterprise solution.

  • Eluceda Co-founder: Peter Cowley

    Founded in 2009 with a view to taking cutting-edge technologies into suitable markets, with an initial goal of detecting pathogens such as MRSA in a simple point of care test.

  • Embecosm Founder: Jeremy Bennett

    Founded in 2008 to provide world-class software engineering that encompasses embedded software development and hardware modeling.

  • Embue Founder: Robert Cooper
    Founded in 2015, whole building intelligence and automation for multifamily apartment portfolios that addresses climate, productivity and wellness challenges.

  • Co-founder: Rory Waite

    Founded in 2019, our aim is to empower everyone to become an effective writer. Our product amplifies the creative process in two steps. First, we use AI to write content based on a writer’s ideas. Then we provide the tools that assess the impact of the AI generated content.

  • Emotiful Inc Founder: Dinan Gunawardena

    Founded in 2013, Emotiful Inc is a sharing and lifestyle recommendation service. They aim to be the Twitter of photos for sharing lifestyle.

  • Encoded Media Co-founder: Tom Sillence

    Founded in 2003, Encoded Media develops streaming solutions to capture, deliver and manage rich media content over computer networks.

  • Encore Co-founders:James King and James McAulay

    Founded in 2014, Encore is the online network built for musicians. It's the fast way to find and book great musicians for any event.

  • English Language iTutoring Co-founder:Ted Briscoe

    Founded in 2014, ELiT provides cloud-based automated language tutoring and assessment.

    In December 2019 English Language iTutoring was acquired by Cambridge Assessment.

  • Envisional Founder: Ben Coppin

    Founded in 1999, Envisional helps organisations detect and guard against the threats of counterfeiting, piracy, fraud and online brand abuse.

  • ePlantData Inc Founder: Rurik Turton

    ePlantData Inc provided software connectivity solutions for the process industry.

  • EPT Computing Founder: Martin Kleppmann

    Founded in 2007, EPT Computing was the maker of Go Test It, a service for automatically testing websites in different browsers. It was acquired by Red Gate Software in 2009.

  • Equisys Co-founders: Chris Oswald and Gareth Williams

    Founded in 1987, Equisys is a leading provider of business communicatons solutions.

    Equisys was awarded a Queen's Award for Export 1999

  • Eshinui Inc Founder: Carl Dellar

    Founded in 2000, Eshinui focussed on the design, development and implementation of Comprehensive Tracking Logistics Management, that enabled customers to realize significant improvements in manufacturing efficiency.

  • Evertrack Founder: Dominic Edmonds

    Founded in 1994, Evertrack is an information systems and marketing consultant

  • Evi Founder: William Tunstall-Pedoe

    Founded in 2005, Evi (formerly True Knowledge) powers a new kind of search experience where users can access the world’s knowledge simply by asking for the information they need in a way that is completely natural. Evi was acquired by Amazon in 2012 and is now a subsidiary of Amazon.

  • EXAPSYS Founder: Yannis Papaefstathiou
    Founded in 2019, EXAPSYS develops innovative heterogeneous High Performance Computing (HPC) systems incorporating novel CPUs, efficient reconfigurable resources and advanced Math and AI accelerators.

  • Exbiblio Co-founder: Quentin Stafford-Fraser

    Founded in 2004, Exbiblio lets users find the corresponding digital version to their printed documents.

    Exbiblio's patent portfolio was acquired by Google in 2011.

  • Factmata Co-founder: Andreas Vlachos

    Founded in 2016, Factmata is building artificial intelligence to tackle fake news.

  • Inc Founder: Hans Hsu

    Founded in 1999, was a leading provider of gift registry technology and gift registry services.

    In 2009, the assets of the company were sold to The Knot.

  • FeedHenry Founder: Mícheál Ó Foghlú

    Founded in 2008, FeedHenry is an authority on cloud based mobile app solutions for enterprise.

  • Fendragon Ltd Co-founders: John Harradine, Mick Jordan, David Kindersley, Peter Robinson, Neil Wiseman

    Founded in 1977, Fendragon was a consultancy which operated in text processing and related areas.

  • Fen Research Founder: Andrew Gower

    Founded in 2010, Fen Rsearch creates ground breaking new technology and products in the field of online games and user created content.

  • Filonet Korea Incorporated Founder: Jong-Hyeon Lee

    Founded in 2000 to provide information security consulting and collaboration solutions.

  • Fidgety Lizard Limited Founder: Kona Macphee
    ​Founded in 2015.

  • Finfo Ltd Founder: Stu McLellan
    Founded in 2018, Finfo facilitates businesses' employee engagement and communication, and provides expense management, analytics and reporting services

  • First DBS Ltd Founder: Andy Rawson

    Founded in 1985, First DBS is an independent consultancy delivering high quality tailored services.

  • F-LEX Legal Ltd Co-founder: James Moore

    Founded in 2016, F-LEX Legal provides technology driven products for the legal sector.

  • Flower Labs Founders: Daniel Beutel; Taner Topal; Nicholas Lane
    Founded in 2020, Flower is an open-source framework for training AI on distributed data using federated learning and other privacy-enhancing technologies.

  • Fluent Founder: Alan Mitchell
    Founded in 2007, Fluent is a Cambridge-based web consultancy, specialising in digital product design and development of web applications.

  • Focal Point Positioning Founder: Ramsey Faragher

    Founded in 2015, we create revolutionary technologies that can upgrade the capability of all GNSS systems worldwide.

  • FORE Systems Co-founder: Robert Sansom

    Founded in 1990 to supply a US Naval Research Laboratories request for development, FORE initially produced Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network interface cards for SBus- and TURBOchannel-based computers in addition to ATM adapters for Silicon Graphics computers.

    In 1999, FORE was acquired by GEC for USD4.5bio.

  • FountainArc Founder: Chi Lee
    Founded in 2018, FountainArc researches and implements unique theories in the intersection of investing, knowledge and computer science. Our objective is to provide our institutional clients with advanced machine learning and AI automation tools in minimising risks while maximising their long term beneficial outcomes.

  • Fraser Research Founder: Sandy Fraser

    Founded in 2002 to conduct leading edge, long term, fundamental research in network communication.

  • FusePump Co-founders: Robert Durkin and Chris Conn

    Founded in 2009, FusePump technology enables the extraction of product information from e-commerce websites.

  • Genius 2000 Founder: William Tunstall-Pedoe

    Founded in 1998 to provide software to solve recreational language problems includimg the only product that can solve and explain cryptic crossword clues.

  • GeoSpock Co-founder: Steven Marsh

    Founded in 2013 to provide a platform to power mobile apps which will completely revolutionize the way you interact with the world around you.

  • Global Inkjet Systems Founder: Nick Geddes

    Founded in 2006, Global Inkjet Systems provides the components for a comprehensive industrial inkjet Operating System – high performance RIP software, printer drivers and electronics.

  • Global Software Publishing Founder: Jeff Fenton

    Founded in 1985, Global Software Publishing (GSP) was one of the UK's leading consumer software publishers.

    In 2000, GSP was acquired by Avanquest.

  • Globosense Founder: Marcelo Pias

    Founded in 2009, Globosense delivers low-carbon technologies for non invasive monitoring and energy efficiency improvement of corporate environments.

  • Governor Technology Ltd Founder: John Mannix

    Founded in 2001, Governor Technology produces software applications, website and email marketing campaigns.

    In 2016, Governor was acquired by OneTrust.

  • GradChef Founder: Ming Yin

    Founded in 2013, GradChef is an online community for Chinese applicants to apply for postgraduate schools worldwide. GradChef was acquired in 2014.

  • GradFutures Founder: Toby Austin

    Founded in 2007, GradFutures was a graduate recruitment company.

  • Grapeshot Co-founder: Martin Porter

    Founded in 2002, Grapeshot provides brand safety and pre-bid contextual solutions to over 5,000 of the world's leading marketers.

    On April 24 2018, Oracle announced that it signed an agreement to acquire Grapeshot.

  • Great East London Software Co-founder: Philip Moore

    Founded in 2002 as a financial electronic communications boutique specialising in the FIX Protocol.

  • Green Custard Co-founders: Jonathan Custance and James Green

    Founded in 2009, Green Custard offers development, project and technology consultancy focused on hosted web services and mobile apps.

  • Grex Games Founder: Adam Martin

    Founded in 2001, Grex Games developed Massive-Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMOG) technology.

  • Co-founder: Tom Griffiths

    Founded in 2006, groopit is a little tool that makes it fast and easy for you to get together with your friends.

  • GST Technolgies Founder: Jeff Fenton

    Founded in 1979, GST developed a number of useful programs such as typesetting software and compilers, including Timeworks Publisher and 1st Word for the Atari ST.

  • HandsetExpert Founder: Shahrum Nedjati-Gilani 
    ​Founded in 2014, HandsetExpert is on a mission to make finding your next phone or SIM quicker, cheaper, and easier. Their goal is to help consumers navigate choice, purchase with confidence, and save money.

  • Health2Works Co-founder: Roger Marlow

    Founded in 2010, Health2Works is an eHealth prototyping company working with the NHS.

  • Hindsight Software Ltd Co-founder: Jack Bastow

    Founded in 2012, Hindsight Software focuses on agile testing techniques which include Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).

  • Hitch Co-founder: Noam Szpiro

    Founded in 2014, Hitch is the first on-demand multi-pickup solution - an iOS app offering an extremely affordable and convenient transportation solution.

    Hitch was acquired by Lyft in 2014.

  • Hubbub Founder: Jonathan May

    Founded in 2011, Hubbub creates fundraising movements around organisations.

  • Hubdub Co-founder: Tom Griffiths

    Founded in 2007, Hubdub is an operator of premium skills games for sports fans. Renamed FanDuel in 2009.

  • Hyran Technologies Co-founders: Ahmed Zaidi and Jordan Zhang
    Founded in 2022, Hyran Technologies is using machine learning to optimise planning and production for fashion brands enabling their suppliers to produce the right inventory at the right time. Through Hyran's platform brands can reduce waste, improve margins and eliminate the friction and complexity of managing a globally distributed supply chain.

  • IdeaWorks3D Co-founder: Eben Upton

    Founded in 1998, Ideaworks3D is the world's leading developer of advanced technologies for rich-media mobile applications.

  • iKVA Founders: Richard Mortier, Liang Wang, Jon Crowcroft

    Knowledge management solutions for the world’s unstructured data, providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

  • iLexIR Co-founder: Ted Briscoe

    Founded in 2003, iLexIR is a natural language processing consultancy and technology developer.

  • Imense Ltd Co-founder: Chris Town

    Founded in 2007, Imense Ltd provides advanced software for image and video analysis. Recently, most of their business has been in OCR and ANPR (optical character recognition and automatic number plate recognition).

  • Co-founders: Herman Narula and Robert Whitehead

    Founded in 2012, Improbable is developing SpatialOS; a distributed operating system that makes building simulated worlds possible.

  • Indigo Panda Labs Inc Co-founders: Yarden Eitan and Matthew Lent

    Founded in 2014, Indigo Panda Labs Inc is buidling a mobile dating app.

  • Infact Ltd Co-founder: Mark Jones

    Founded in 1985 to provide consultancy and project management to the financial services industry, specialising in financial trading systems and trade floor design.

    In 2000, Infact was acquired by Mantix Ltx.

  • Innonation Productions Founder: Justin Siu

    Founded in 2004, Innonation Productions delivers live music performance.

  • Innovation Framework Technologies Co-founder: Colin Palombo

    Founded in 2006, Innovation Framework Technologies helps organizations transform their innovation management processes to reduce time-to-market and grow revenues, profits and market share.

  • Insight Studios Co-founder: Tom Griffiths

    Founded in 2004 to provide web and graphic design for SMEs and start-ups.

  • In-Silica Founder: Richard Watts

    Founded in 2007 to produce teleworking collaboration software and to supply IT consultancy via Kynesim, mainly for embedded video applications.

  • Invention Marketing Founder: Nicky Dibben

    Founded in 1999, Invention Marketing specialises in helping start-ups and technology companies, large and small, focus their marketing resources where they’ll have the most impact.

  • Invest Solutions Co-founders: John Fawcett, Matthew Parkinson and Andrew Rice

    Founded in 2002, to provide flexible solutiosn to website needs.

  • Ionsquare Founder: Oleg Podsechin

    Founded in 2001, to provide IT consultancy specialising in working with start-ups and spin-off ventures.

  • Ionysys Technology Corporation Founder: Richard Mason

    Founded in 1996 to provide e-commerce consulting services.

    Ionysys Technology was acquired by Pivotal Corporation in 2000.

  • IPV Limited Founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1996, IPV is the global leader and largest independent supplier of low bit-rate, frame-accurate video technology.

  • Iridian Technologies Co-founder: John Daugman

    Founded in 1990, Iridian Technologies, Inc. leads the world in research, development and marketing of authentication technologies based on iris recognition.

  • Jagex Co-founder: Andrew Gower

    Founded in 2001, Jagex is an independent developer and publisher of online games.

  • Jakyl Founder: Jeremy Adams

    Founded in 2009, Jakyl works with exceptional indie and small developers, to bring their premium games to smartphones, tablets and emerging platforms.

  • Janus Technology Founder: Matthew Faupel

    Founded in 2010, Janus Technology specialises in business-to-business services in the area of home automation, A/V systems and mobile technology.

  • Jawa Soft Founder: Ewan Makepeace

    Founded in 2001, Jawa Soft is a British owned and managed software development company based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • JMEC Founder: John Moore

    Founded in 1989, JMEC is an electronics consultancy and design company

  • Jobstream Group Co-founder: John Brimacombe

    Founded in 1993, Jobstream is the leading independent specialist provider of software to the offshore financial services industry.

  • JourneyLog Co-founder: Alasdair Scott

    Founded in 2009, JourneyLog provides an online service for travel mileage expense recording and reporting using data from an Android application 'Phone Track'.

  • Kavanagh Co-founder: Rob Campbell

    Founded in 1996, Kavanagh provides IT Consulting services and IT Infrastructure solutions for the Data Centre.

  • KBW Consulting Co-founders: Nat Billington and Lorenzo Wood

    Founded in 1992 to provide innovative interactive solutions.

    In 1998, KBW Consulting merged with Oyster.

  • KeyChest Ltd Founder: Dan Cvrcek

    Founded in 2019 to improve business uptimes using its global real-time database of all TLS certificates.

  • Kinhub Co-founder: Helen Yannakoudakis
    Founded in 2019, Kinhub is the AI-enabled health and wellbeing platform that empowers working lives by supporting personal lives. Join our mission to make exceptional coaching-based support for life’s key journeys accessible to everyone. Forward-thinking organisations work with Kinhub to retain and engage their diverse workforces, and develop more effective and empathetic managers.

  • KnowledgeSpaces Co-founder: Jochen L Leidner
    Founded in 2022, KnowledgeSpaces provides technical and strategic consulting, training and software rental in the areas of knowledge management, data science, machine learning/AI, innovation process management and project management methodology.

  • Founder: Craig Dean
    Founded in 2000, is a software development company, primarily working in the travel sector.

  • KRAI Founder: Anton Lokhmotov
    Founded in 2020, KRAI is creating a scalable B2B SaaS product for synthesizing ultra-efficient "brains" (neuralware, middleware, hardware) for emerging Robotics and Edge AI applications.

  • Kula Founder Saaras Mehan
    Founded in 2021, Kula is a platform that enables lawyers to build their own law firms.

  • Leading Technology Inc Founder: Peter Jones
    Founded in 1989, Leading Technology Inc is the developer of the first relational database to support time-series data and multi-dimensional arrays.

  • Lemur Consulting Co-founder: Richard Boulton

    Founded in 2001, Lemur Consutling is a provider of information retrieval technology.

  • Level 5 Networks Co-founders: Andy Hopper and Steve Pope

    Founded in 2002, Level 5 developed chips network interface cards.

    Level 5 agreed a merger with California-based Solarflare Communications in 2006.

  • Linguamatics Co-founders: Roger Hale, David Milward, James Thomas and Sylvia Knight

    Founded in 2001, Linguamatics enables organizations to maximize the value derived from information resources through effective deployment of innovative natural language processing (NLP) based technology. Linguamatics was acquired in 2019 by IQVIA.

  • Linguit GmbH Founder: Jochen Leidner

    Founded in 2001, Linguit is a software company specialising in advanced language and speech technology.

  • LogicIQ Founder: Jan Hruska

    Founded in 2006, LogicIQ is an IT consultancy specialising in advising on IT startups and early growth phase businesses.

  • Lone Rooftop Co-founder: Reinoud Elhorst
    Founded in 2015, Lone Rooftop is a Building Intelligence Platform that provides real estate & workplace teams with aggregated utilization data and guided analytics for data-driven decision making.

  • lowRISC Founders: Rob Mullins, Alex Bradbury, Gavin Ferris 

    Founded in 2014, lowRISC is a not-for-profit company using collaborative engineering to develop and maintain open source silicon designs and tools, through a unique combination of skills, expertise and vision.

  • Lumeter Founder: Mitra Ardron

    Founded in 2012, Lumeter built the technology behind many companies Pay As You Go solar systems, integrating mobile money, SMS, SaaS management tools and developed IoT components integrated by partners.

  • MagicSolver Founders: Oliver Lamming and Leon Palm

    Founded in 2009, MagicSolver started with a Computer Vision based Sudoku app, and expanded into all sorts of other apps.

  • Mango Health Co-founder: Gerald Cheong

    Founded in 2012, Mango Health empowers consumers to take control of their health with fun, elegant and easy to use mobile applications.

  • Masabi Co-founders: Tom Godber and Sean Mullaney

    Founded in 2001, Masabi is the leading developer of mobile ticketing technology for the transport sector.

  • Media Dynamics Founder: Gerald Ratzer

    Founded in 1968, Media Dynamics is a computer consultancy.

  • MessageLabs Co-founder: Alex Shipp

    Founded in 1999, MessageLabs provided integrated messaging and web security services

    MessageLabs was acquired by Symantec in 2008.

  • Metanate Founder: John Stark

    Founded in 2000, Metanate provides a range of consultancy, software development and support services.

  • Metrica Systems Founder: Peter Jones

    Founded in 1993, Metrica Systems was a class-leading management solution for mobile operators.

    Metrica Systems was sold to ADC Telecommunications in 1996.

  • Micro Focus Co-founder: Stewart Lang

    Founded in 1976, Micro Focus provides innovative software that allows companies to develop, test, deploy, assess and modernize business-critical enterprise applications.

  • Micropraxis Ltd Founder: Matthew Faupel

    Founded in 2001, Micropraxis provides professional sofware development services.

  • Midsummer House Co-founder: Jack Lang

    Founded in 1998, Midsummer House was the first restaurant in Cambridge to receive a much-coveted Michelin Star.

  • Mitcham Technologies Founder: Richard Mason

    Founded in 1996, Mitcham Technologies provided IT-related management consulting services, including temporary IT executive staffing.

  • MJDK Consulting Ltd Founder:Mateusz Jadczak

    Founded in 2016, MJDK Consulting is a web development consultancy.

  • Go Mobile Founder: Juanito Camilleri

    Founded in 1999, Go Mobile is Malta's leading cellular mobile operator.

  • Moon Express Co-founder: Barney Pell

    Founded in 2010, Moon Express plans to offer commercial lunar robotic transportation and data services with a long-term goal of mining the Moon for resources.

  • Monigo Founder: Declan Conlon

    Founded in 2020, Monigo is a FinTech that provides payment advance infrastructure and services.

  • Muscat Ltd Founder: Martin Porter

    Founded in 1995, Muscat developed an information retrieval system. 

    Muscat was acquired by Maid Ltd.

  • MyMoneyDog Founder: Nicholas Pilkington

    Founded in 2010, MyMoneyDog tracks, organises and balances money-spending between friends. It's the perfect tool for any group of friends or micro-community, especially housemates, work colleagues, holidaymakers and teammates.

  • NetFPGA Co-founders: Andrew Moore and Robert Watson

    Founded in 2015, NetFPGA is a not-for-profit UK Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) supporting the community of academic, student, non-profit, industrial and hobbyist users of the open-source hardware-software designs such as the NetFPGA programmable networking platform.

  • nCipher Co-founder: Nicko van Someren

    Founded in 1999, nCipher was a leading developer of hardware and software internet security products.

    In 2008, nCipher was acquired by Thales for £50.7 million.

  • Ndiyo! Co-founder: Quentin Stafford-Fraser

    Ndiyo! was a project set up to foster an approach to networked computing that is simple, affordable, open, less environmentally damaging and less dependent on intensive technical support than current networking technology.

  • Nemesys Research Co-founders: Ian Leslie, Derek McAuley, Joe Dixon, Cosmos Nicolaou and Ian Pratt

    Founded in 1994, Nemesys Research made ATM network video products.

    In 1996, Nemesys was acquired by FORE Systems.

  • NetChannel Ltd Founder: Jack Lang

    Founded in 1995, Netchannel was an internet-over-television company.

    In 1998, Netchannel Ltd was acquired by ntl.

  • Netronome Founder: Niel Viljoen

    Founded in 2003, Netronome is a leading developer of highly programmable semiconductor products that are used for intelligent flow processing in network and communications devices.

  • NextBase Ltd Co-founders: Mark Atheron and Ian Mercer

    Founded in 1988, NextBase launched AutoRoute, the first consumer route planning system and mapping software for PCs.

    In 1994, NextBase was acquired by Microsoft.

  • nGame Founder: John Brimacombe

    Founded in 1997, nGame was the channel, content and technology provider for convergent wireless, PC-web and Digital Interactive Television (DiTV) community-based games.

  • Nine Tiles Founder: John Grant

    Founded in 1978, Nine Tiles develops equipment for sending time-critical media over digital networks.

  • Northpoint Services Ltd Founder Matt Kingswood

    Founded in 2004, Northpoint Services is a London-based managed services IT company.

    In 2006 the company was sold to Eurotel Ltd.
  • Objectronix Founder: Chris Royle

    Founded in 1997, Objectronix sells managed firewalls and virtualisation (virtualization) services to small to medium sized businesses.

  • ObjectSecurity Founder: Ulrich Lang

    Founded in 1999, ObjectSecurity is an information security specialist company.

  • Ocelot Consulting Founder: David Wolfram

    Founded in 2014, Ocelot Consulting is a specialist consulting service for Information Technology Management and Property Management.

  • Olivetti Research Laboratory Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1986, Olivetti Research Laboratory (ORL) was a research institute in the field of computing and telecommunications.

    In 1999, ORL was acquired by AT&T.

  • Omnipotent Software Founder: Charles Southey

    Founded in 2004, Omnipotent Software was a web-based software company selling scripted ASP.NET web controls.

  • Operis Plc Co-founder: David Colver

    Founded in 1997, Operis is a leading advisor in project finance, renowned for financial modelling expertise, due diligence and funding advice.

  • OptionExist Co-founder: Stephen Love

    Founded in 1993, OptionExist is an IT design consultancy.

  • Orbis Founder: Founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1978, Orbis developed networking technologies.

    Orbis was acquired by Acorn in 1979.

  • Packet Ship Founder: Paul Clark

    Founded in 2005, Packet Ship creates software technologies for management, distribution and playback of broadcast-quality digital video.

  • Paradigm Design Systems Co-founders: Paul Cunningham and Steev Wilcox

    Founded in 2001, Paradigm Design Systems developed sofware tools for low power chip design.

  • Patientline Founder: Philip Rushby

    Founded in 1994, Patientline is a bedside system for patients providing TV, telephone and radio.

    In 2008, Patientline UK announced its decision to enter administration and was acquired by the newly formed Hospedia Ltd, a hospital entertainment and telephony company.

  • PC Communications Ltd Co-founder: Philip Rushby

    Founded in 1985, PC Communications produced easy to use communications software systems for the PC market.

  • PCF Ltd Co-founder: Richard Jebb

    Founded in 1982, PCF delivers innovative software solutions through the use of QEI Management Reporting and LinearPlus to customers.

  • Perfect Image Founder: Andrew Robson

    Founded in 1991, Perfect Image is an IT solutions provider.

  • Perihelion Software Ltd Co-founder: Tim King

    Founded in 1986, Perihelion Software produced an operating system for the INMOS Transputer called HeliOS.

  • PetaGene Co-founder: Dan Greenfield

    Founded in 2016, PetaGene is a software company helping life sciences companies and institutions to tackleP

  • Pirical Co-founder: Hok-Him Poon

    Founded in 2015, Pirical's mission is to drive better decisions from people data.

  • Planetary Processing Ltd Founder: Samuel Sully
    Founded in 2022, we provide a service to small and medium game studios. We recognise the effort and cost required to launch, scale and operate online games. We offer a platform that makes creating and running large online games simple. Our product lets game developers focus on their game, while we handle the infrastructure.

  • PolyAI Co-founder: Nikola Mrksic

    Founded in 2017, PolyAI is a London-based machine learning startup creating conversational user interfaces for third party products and services. Their technology provides an integrated solution for voice or chat-based semantic search, recommendation, and proactive sale.

  • Powerset Founder: Barney Pell

    Founded in 2006, Powerset developed a semantic search engine.

    In 2008, Powerset was acquired by Microsoft.

  • Projected Games Founder: Philip Hewinson

    Founded in 2005, Projected Games are computer games designed for projection onto a large screen.

  • PSDT Founder: Peter Scott

    Founded in 1999, PSDT provides Perl training and enterprise infrastructure development services.

  • Qudos Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1985, Qudos produced CAD software.

  • Questionmark Founder: John Kleeman

    Founded in 1988, Questionmark provides the highest quality testing and assessment software and support services.

  • Rapportive Co-founders: Martin Kleppmann, Sam Stokes and Rahul Vohra

    Founded in 2010, Rapportive makes a Gmail add-on that displays social media info about contacts as you email them.

    Rapportive was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012.

  • Raspberry Pi Co-founders: Jack Lang, Robert Mullins, Alan Mycroft and Eben Upton

    Founded in 2009, the Raspberry Pi Foundation promotes the study of computer science in schools and is responsible for developing a single-board computer called the Raspberry Pi.

  • RealVNC Co-founders: Andy Harter, Andy Hopper, Tristan Richardson and James Weatherall

    Founded in 2002, RealVNC provides remote access software for desktop and mobile platforms.

    In 2011, RealVNC won Queen's Awards for Enterprise in both Innovation and International Trade.

  • Founder: Robert Taylor

    Founded in 2015, is a developer platform for cloud FPGA.

  • Redbeacon Co-founder: Aaron Lee

    Founded in 2008, Redbeacon is a home services marketplace. It lets users search, browse and book local home service providers on its website.

    In 2012, Redbeacon was acquired by big-box retailer Home Depot.

  • Red Glasses Founder: Adam Martin

    Founded in 2009, Red Glasses designs and develops iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

  • re:infer Co-founder: Marius Cobzarenco

    Founded in 2015, re:infer is an artificial intelligence solution that provides structured, human-like understanding of B2C conversations.

  • RoboK Co-founders: Chao Gao and Liangchuan Gu

    Founded in 2017, RoboK is developing 3D perception and localization modules at the edge.

  • Robotae Founder: Kevin Rathbone

    Founded in 2014, Robotae is a robotics and mechatronics product development consultancy.

  • Rormix Co-founder: Mark Wheeler

    Founded in 2013, Rormix is a free app which allows users to discover new emerging music videos from independent and unsigned artists.

  • Rubicon Software Founder: Alistair Hancock

    Founded in 1989, Rubicon Software designs, builds and supports enterprise class xRM and Microsoft SharePoint collaboration solutions.

  • Sano Genetics (previously Heterogeneous) Founder: Will Jones

  • Saviso Group Founder: Adam Twiss

    Founded in 1995, Saviso Group provides IT services including application development, network design, capacity planning, product strategy consulting, and technical support to corporate clients.

  • Saxonica Founder: Michael Kay

    Founded in 2004, Saxonica develops and markets the Saxon XSLT and XQuery compiler, and takes part in the development of the related W3C specifications.

  • Seventh String Founder: Andy Robinson

    Founded in 2003, Seventh String produced Transcribe!, software to aid the transcription of music from audio form.

  • Shadow Robot Company Founder: Rich Walker

    Shadow Robot grew out of a team building robots for fun into a leading robotics technology developer, focussing on giving robots human-like manipulation skills.

  • Shape Data Ltd Co-founders: Ian Braid, Alan Grayer, Charles Lang and Peter Veenman

    Founded in 1974, Shape Data was a computer-aided design specialist.

    Shape Data was acquired by Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp in 1981.

  • Shopfitter Co-founder: Chris Galley

    Founded in 1999, Shopfitter provides the tools to set up a secure e-commerce site.

  • Simulacra Founder: Patrick Towell

    Founded in 1997, Simulacra provides software and solutions to help clients integrate, categorise, manage and publish their information in an attractive and intuitive way, so that users can access information according to their understanding.

  • Sintefex Audio Founder: Mike Kemp

    Founded in 1997, Sintefex Audio is dedicated to innovative research, development and manufacturing of digital audio products for the professional user.

  • Sketch-Deck Co-founder: David Mack

    Founded in 2013, Sketch-Deck takes your sketches and turns them into beautifully formatted slides for you.

  • Skygate Technology Founder: Pete Chown

    Founded in 1996, Skygate Technology specialises in IT security, providing products, consultancy and software/application development to organisations.

  • Smart Crib Founder: Dan Cvrcek

    Founded in 2011, Smart Crib was established to commercialise a unique password solution aimed initially at end-users in the SME market segment.

  • SmarterQueue Founder: Claude Schneider
    Founded in 2016, SmarterQueue is the smartest social media management tool. It saves hours of manual work, and gets up to 10x better results, by helping you find proven content to share, recycle your best posts, and learn from your competitors.

  • SmartInfoSearch Founders: Chris Charlton and Calum Grant

    Founded in 2003, SmartInfoSearch develops intelligent information retrieval technology which searches for text based on the meaning of words.

  • Sociality Founder: Ian Benson

    Founded in 1999, Sociality commercialises validation techniques for distributed systems using temporal logic.

  • SoftForum Founder: Jong-Hyeon Lee

    Founded in 1995, SoftForum is a global leader in online security solutions.

  • Software Integrators Founder: Nick Barratt

    Founded in 1988, Software Integrators are leaders in the design and development of transaction banking systems.

  • Software Solutions Founder: Paul Fellows

    Founded in 1989, Software Solutions developed software and peripherals for the Acorn ARM-based machines.

  • Sonic Pi Founder: Sam Aaron
    Founded in 2018, Sonic Pi is a free open-source code-based music creation and performance tool. It is used both by educators to teach introductory Computer Science and by musicians as a live digital instrument.

  • Sophos Co-founder: Jan Hruska

    Founded in 1985, Sophos Plc is a world leader in anti-virus protection.

  • Spaceward Microsystems Ltd Founder: Mike Kemp

    Founded in 1983, Spaceward Microsystems Ltd manufactured computer graphics equipment for the TV industry.

  • Spaceward Studios Co-founder: Mike Kemp

    Founded in 1972, Spaceward Studios was first a 16 then a 24 track recording studio in Cambridge, UK.

  • Spark! Data Founder: Lee Fedder

    Founded in 1996, Spark! Data builds online business platforms.

  • Speechmatics Founder: Tony Robinson

    Founded in 2006, Speechmatics provides world beating speech recognition technology using the latest Machine Learning technology.

  • Spektrix Founder: Michael Nabarro

    Founded in 2008, Spektrix is powerful and easy-to-use box office software accessed through the internet.

  • SRI Cambridge Founder: Ian Benson

    Founded in 1985, SRI Cambridge carried out contract research in software technology, natural language processing and artificial intelligence for government and industry.

  • Starfish Development Ltd Founder: Peter Cowley

    Founded in 2000, Starfish developments is in the construction business.

  • STARFISH Founder: Richard Mason

    Founded in 2005, STARFISH provides program management and consulting services.

  • StartHQ Founder: Oleg Podsechin

    Founded in 2011, StartHQ is a web app directory and browser home-page replacement that aides in finding the best app for you to get your job done, by categorizing apps, making them easier to search for, and making them easy to find again once you've signed up for them.

  • StegoStik Founder: Glen Slade

    Founded in 2004, Stegostik produces secure USB storage solutions.

  • Studio Audio and Video Ltd Co-founder: Mike Kemp

    Founded in 1991, Studio Audio and Video Ltd brought state of the art digital audio editing to the desktop with its SADiE digital audio editor/workstation.

  • Superhuman Founder: Rahul Vohra

  • Survey Online Founder: Chris Galley

    Founded in 1999, Survey Online provided independent pre-sales house surveys.

    In 2004, Survey Online was acquired by SPH.

  • SwiftKey (TouchType Ltd) Co-founder: Ben Medlock

    Founded in 2008, SwiftKey offers solutions to improve the experience of typing on a touchscreen phone. Acquired in February 2016 by Microsoft for reported $250mio.

  • Sygneca Founder: Jon Pretty

    Founded in 2004, Sygneca is an IT consultancy.

  • Synergy Energy Co-founder: Nat Billington

    Founded in 2011, Synergy Energy undertakes two principal activities: new business incubation and early stage investment.

  • Co-founder: Alexander Kuhnle

    Founded in 2018, Synthesized's software uses AI to learn the structure of original data and simulate practically useful new data points, thus unleashing data's full potential whilst protecting people's privacy..

  • Tarragon Embedded Technology Co-founders: John Botham and Steve Montgomery

    Founded in 1996, Tarragon Embedded Technology specialised in automotive embedded software.

    In 2003, Tarragon Embedded Technology was acquired by Ricardo.

  • TechWolf Co-founder: Jeroen Van Hautte ​​

    Founded in 2018, TechWolf uses explainable AI to connect people with jobs and education.

  • Telemarq Founder: Quentin Stafford-Fraser
    Founded in 2011, Telemarq is a technology and software development consultancy, with an emphasis on web services and Internet-of-Things.  

  • Tenison Technology EDA Founder: David Greaves

    Founded in 2000, Tenison Technology provided software tools used to help develop system-on-chip (SoC) designs

    In 2007, Tenison Technology was acquired by ARC International.

  • Tenyks Founders: Botty Dimanov, Dmitry Kazhdan, Maleakhi Wijaya
    Founded in 2019, Tenyks is on a mission to invent the way humanity interacts with AI to protect the world from the terminator. Currently, we help Machine Learning Engineers ship production-ready models faster than their competition.

  • ThatsMyFace Founder: Mark Cardle

    Founded in 2008, specializes in patent-pending technologies around facial reconstruction, facial analysis and in transforming 2D portraiture into 3D sculptures.

  • Three-Space Ltd Co-founder: Charles Lang

    Founded in 1986, Three-Space Ltd developed ACIS.

  • Tideway Systems Co-founders: Tim Coote and Duncan Grisby

    Founded in 2002, Tideway Systems was an IT discovery software developer.

    In 2009, Tideway Systems was acquired by BMC Software.

  • Tractable Co-founder: Razvan Ranca

    Founded in 2014, Tractable applies the state-of-the-art in deep learning technology to automate expert tasks for the enterprise.

  • Trampoline Systems Co-founder: Craig McMillan

    Founded in 2003, Trampoline Systems is a specialist in social analytic software.

  • Transentia Founder: Toby Austin

    Founded in 2008, Transentia is a technology transfer consultant specialising in assisting public-sector intellectual property owners with all aspects early-stage technology commercialisation.

  • Transport Telematics Founder: Neil Barton

    Founded in 2008, Transport Telematics provides expert advice to transport operators and technology suppliers on the development, deployment and operation of Intelligent Transport Systems.

  • Co-founder: James Brady

    Founded in 2008, provides the simplest way to build native mobile apps using HTML5.

  • Trinamo Co-founder: Stephen Allott

    Founded in 2005, Trinamo helps early stage technology companies accelerate sales and optimise profits.

  • Turing Talent Founder: Christina Xi Chen
    Founded in 2018, Turing Talent provides first-of-its-kind graduate and internship programmes for technical talent.

  • Twigkit Co-founder: Bjarki Holm

    Founded in 2009, Twigkit provides a suite of search modules that can retrieve and visualise data from any combination of search engines, databases and data providers simultaneously, without the need to move data into a central repository or shoehorn it into a rigid, out-of-the-box solution. Twigkit is based in Cambridge, with offices in London and San Jose, California.

    Twigkit was acquired by Lucidworks in 2017.

  • TxTEz Co-founders: Andy Hopper and Ripduman Sohan

    Founded in 2013, TxTEz is revolutionizing B2C communication in Africa

  • TypeDB Founder: Haikal Pribadi

    Founded in 2015, TypeDB is the creator of TypeDB and TypeQL. TypeDB is a strongly-typed database with a rich and logical type system. TypeDB empowers engineers to solve complex problems, using TypeQL as its query language.

  • Typeset Co-founder: Bjarki Holm
    Founded in 2020, Typeset is an AI design system that automatically creates beautiful slide decks, documents, reports, social media posts, and more — as you type.

    Typeset was acquired by SamCart, Inc., an e-commerce company based in Austin, Texas, in 2023.

  • 1248 Co-founder: Pilgrim Beart

    Founded in 2013, 1248 enables companies to put their products online, at scale, without having to write reams of code. We're experienced developers of connected products.

  • Ubisense Co-founder: Andy Hopper

    Founded in 2002, Ubisense is the market-leading location solutions company.

    In 2012, Ubisense won Queen's Awards for Enterprise in both Innovation and International Trade.

  • UK Broadband Ltd Co-founder: Faisal Ahmed

    Founded in 2001, UK Broadband Limited provides wireless data capacity, equipment, services and solutions to the telecoms industry, service providers, channel partners and the public sector.

    In 2003, UK Broadband Ltd was acquired by PCCW, the incumbent telco in Hong Kong.

  • Unikernel Systems Co-founders: Amir Chaudhry, Thomas Gazagnaire, Thomas Leonard, Anil Madhavapeddy, Mindy Preston, David Sheets, Balraj Singh, Magnus Skjegstad and Jeremy Yallop

    Founded in 2015, Unikernel Systems provides a new approach to building, deploying and managing cloud services. Acquired by Docker in January 2016.

  • UK Online Founder: Tim King

    Founded in 1994, UK Online was the UK's first full ISP

    In 1996, UK Online was acquired by EasyNet.

  • UsefulBird Founder: Indigo Orton
    Founded in 2022, UsefulBird is building generative search, a core technology in the generative-AI stack.

  • Versed AI Founder: Simon Baker
    Founded in 2019, Versed AI provides visibility of a company’s supply chain, down to the nth tier. Using cutting edge natural language processing and machine learning, Versed AI uncovers complex supply chain networks to identify risk concentrations and sub-tier suppliers, supporting intelligent decision making, improves operation efficiency, procurement, and regulatory compliance.

  • VeriQual Founder: Samir-Ali Feroze

    Founded in 2004, VeriQual specialises in iPhone Apps and iPad application development, Android application development, Ruby on Rails web development, e-commerce applications and Content Managed systems built with PHP using frameworks like Magento and Drupal.

  • Vipadia Founder: Neil Stratford

    Founded in 2005, Vipadia was a VoIP R&D consultancy.

    In 2010, Vipadia was acquired by Voxeo.

  • Virata Ltd Co-founders: David Greaves and Andy Hopper

    Founded in 1993, Virata was a maker of software and components for DSL and other broadband technologies.

    In 2001, Virata was acquired by Globespan.

  • Viriturr Founder: Robert Edwin Rouse
    Founded in 2023, Viriturr is developing a platform to generate optimised & holistic retrofit designs for the decarbonisation of existing, non-domestic buildings using a multi-physics machine learning framework.

  • Volemic Co-founder: Primoz Fabiani
    Founded in 2021, Volemic develops software products that make email more trustworthy. We combine state of the art machine learning, natural language processing and graph database technologies to protect our clients’ email communications from mistakes, malice and mischance. Our clients include regulated businesses and other organisations who rely upon email to communicate confidential or sensitive information.

  • VyperCore Founder: Russell Haggar
    Founded in 2022, processor acceleration technology that speeds up high performance compute workloads in the data centre through implementing the runtime in silicon.

  • Wizix Co-founder: Philip Rushby

    Founded in 2014, Wizix produces mobile live video apps.

  • Xandera Founder: Richard Mason

    Founded in 2000, Xandera provided IT consulting services, focussed on the health insurance sector.

    Xandera was sold in 2002.

  • Xapien Co-founder: Daniel Secretan

    Founded in 2018, Xapien is a fully automated, online platform for performing background research on companies and individuals for risk, regulatory and reputational protection purposes.

    The platform can be run by anyone, at any time and uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Language Processing to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of background checks.  It goes well beyond the traditional database and watchlist checks by finding information from unstructured sources such as international media, webpages, legal and regulatory reporting sites.  Comprehensive reports are produced in under five minutes to the depth that would typically take a team of analysts days.

  • XenSource Co-founders: Simon Crosby, Keir Fraser, Steven Hand and Ian Pratt

    Founded in 2005, Xensource was a leader in enterprise-grade virtual infrastructure solutions.

    In 2007, XenSource was acquired by Citrix for US$500 million.

  • Xi Software Ltd Co-founder: John Collins

    Founded in 1986, Xi Software is an open source UNIX and Linux specialist that provides consultancy, installation and support services to medium and enterprise level companies looking for ways to increase overall IT network performance, reduce costs and improve network productivity.

  • Xitu Inc Founder: Ming Yin

    Founded in 2015, Xitu Inc's main product JUEJIN is a community to help Chinese technologists share, learn and level up.

  • Xsilon Co-founder: Russell Haggar

    Founded in 2008, Xsilon develops ultra reliable In-Home M2M connectivity.

  • Xynchron Ltd Founder: Rurik Turton

    Founded in 2002, Xynchron developed software for managing data through the process engineering project lifecycle.

  • YossarianLives! Co-founder: Ekaterina Shutova

    Founded in 2011, YossarianLives! is a new metaphorical search engine

  • Yudkin Consulting AG Founder: Mark Yudkin

    Founded in 1989, Yudkin Consutling provides sofware for accounting and finance.

  • Zeus Technology Co-founders: Damian Reeves and Adam Twiss

    Founded in 1995, Zeus Technology delivered high-performance software-based load balancing and traffic management solutions for virtual and cloud environments.

    In 2001, Zeus Technology was acquired by Riverbed Technology.

  • Zoonami Founder: Martin Hollis

    Founded in 2000, Zoonami is an independent producer and developer of entertainment software for video game consoles.