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Department of Computer Science and Technology


A number of companies, originally local but now more widespread, subscribe money towards a fund for use in the Department of Computer Science and Technology which is used strictly for academic purposes. It has been used in the past to pay for extra teaching effort; at present it is mainly used for the support of research students. It has the great merit from our point of view that the money is unlabelled, and can do good out of proportion to its absolute size for that reason. We cannot predict when a need will arise that has to be attended to but which cannot be dealt with through the rather stately processes of University decision-making, whether it be a teaching emergency, a student to support, or a research idea to back.

Companies choose what they would like to donate, in the range of perhaps £500-£5,000 per year. The lower end of the range is appropriate for cash-strapped startups; middle-size companies typically donate in the region of £1,500-£2,000; the upper end is appropriate for large or well-established flourishing companies. (If you need further guidance on the appropriate level of donation, please contact the Supporters Club Organiser.) Key benefits of membership are detailed elsewhere, but as a reminder; 

  • Members are welcome to use our library and receive notices of our seminars. They are also welcome to come and talk about technical things with us, though the scheme is not intended as a substitute for consultancy arrangements for significant work.
  • Each year we hold a Recruitment Fair, where members have a stand and can meet our students face to face. These are popular and well-attended both by members and by students.
  • Summer placements are a valuable experience for our students and provide an opportunity for Supporters Club members to get to know a student before the milk-round. Many students seek summer placements at the Recruitment Fair.
  • We hold a series of Tech Talks during term time where companies can share their experiences from the industrial front-line. It provides companies with the opportunity to enthuse students about the interesting technological challenges encountered and solutions developed by their employees.

We are currently reviewing membership options for the Supporters Club. If you would like to join, please register your interest with the Supporters Club Organiser.

Please send the Supporters Club Organiser your Company details, a contact name, email address and telephone number. We would also like a short description of your company and its interests together with a URL to your own company pages so we can maintain a single web page with brief details of all our supporters.

For legal reasons concerning academic network use, and for a common style among all our friends, we may need to edit your suggestion (e.g. advertising is forbidden!). We suggest that you try to adopt a similar style to other members.