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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Please keep us in the loop!

We always like to keep the information we hold about your organisation up to date.  Anything you can do to help with that is greatly appreciated! 

Please use this form to make sure we have the latest information, or, if you're a new applicant, to tell us about your organisation.

Most of the fields below are optional, but the more information you can give us, the more useful we can be, and the more accurate a picture our students and staff will have of your organisation.

About your organisation

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Are you already a member of the Supporters' Club?

Great!  We're delighted you're interested in joining us.

For more information about the Club, please see the Club web pages.  The current subscription rates are listed here.

Membership isn't automatic, because we need to keep the numbers manageable and make sure that members will bring value to the students as well as the other way around! We just need to ask for a couple of bits of extra information, and we'll be in touch shortly if your application is successful.

Please give us a few sentences describing your company and its activities. This will be used as the basis for your entry on our web pages, but we reserve the right to edit it, especially if it's too long! You might like to look at what other members have written.
As we consider your application, and for our own interest, it would be helpful to have a brief description of why you'd like to join!
Anything else you think it might be helpful for us to know!
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. We would like to continue sending you regular emails with information about the Supporters Club, the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the University (where appropriate). If you have provided your email address previously but no longer give your consent for us to keep in touch with you by email please let us know. Please rest assured that we will never pass your details on to third parties. You can opt out of receiving emails from us at any time by emailing and you will be removed from the list. The University's data protection statement can be found at: