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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Michaelmas term 2022
Date Title of presentation Recording Speaker
07/10/22 Bringing Trust to Carbon Credits Through Computer Science Link S. Keshav, U. Cambridge
14/10/22 Towards a single controller that can make many buildings a little greener Arduin Findeis
21/10/22 Fusing GEDI and Landsat data to estimate tropical forest recovery rates across the Amazon Link Amelia Holcomb, Cambridge
28/10/22 Optimization-in-the-loop AI for energy and climate Link Priya Donti, Climate Change AI, MIT
04/11/22 Assessing indirect business risk from climate change Link Daoping Wang, University of Cambridge
11/11/22 Investigating forest dynamics and functioning in response to disturbances through individual-based modeling Link E-Ping Rau, University of Cambridge
18/11/22 Upcoming BIOMASS Earth Explorer 7 mission: concept and validation challenges Link Jerome Chave
25/11/22 Measuring emissions by satellite to support the Paris Agreement Link Stephen Briggs, University of Cambridge
02/12/22 A framework for measuring biodiversity impacts of land use change Link Alison Eyres, University of Cambridge, Zoology
09/12/22 Challenges in Designing Control Strategies for Buildings Link Omid Ardakanian, University of Alberta
Lent term 2023
Date Title of presentation Recording Speaker
20/01/23 Quantifying changes in Above Ground Biomass in degraded and restored forests: Challenges & opportunities Link Charlotte Wheeler is a post-doc in Plant Sciences and 4C
27/01/23 Machine Learning in Climate Action Link David Rolnick, McGill University
03/02/23 The value of high resolution remote sensing to understand forests Emily Lines
10/02/23 Ecovisor: A Virtual Energy System for Carbon-Efficient Applications Link David Irwin
17/02/23 Research Avenues for Net-Zero Carbon Cloud Datacenters Link Fiodar Kazhamiaka - Microsoft
24/02/23 CityLearn: An OpenAI Gym Framework for Grid-Interactive Buildings Zoltan Nagy - UT Austin
03/03/23 Using SSL to create useful representations from corrupted spectral-temporal data for applications in agriculture Madeline Lisaius - EEG
10/03/23 New framework for carbon offsets in global drylands Link Adam Pellegrini, University of Cambridge
17/03/23 Why and how measuring energy consumption of Internet services? Illustration on VoD Link Aurélie Bugeau, Université de Bordeaux, France
Easter term 2023
Date Title of presentation Recording Speaker
28/04/23 Competitive Online Peak-Demand Minimization using Energy Storage Link Minghua Chen, City University of Hong Kong
12/05/23 Remote sensing enables monitoring life above and under water Link Devis Tuia, EPFL
19/05/23 CS and Supply Chain Policies Rachael Garrett, Cambridge
26/05/23 Assessing the Impact of Drought on Tropical Forests using GEDI Link Felipe Nincao Begliomini, Jovana Knezevic, Onkar Gulati, Yihang She
02/06/23 Generative Model in Remote Sensing: the role and applications of radiative transfer models in the optical spectral domain for environmental studies Link Clement Atzberger, BOKU university & Mantle Labs Ltd.
09/06/23 The Case for Planetary Computing Anil Madhavapeddy ( University of Cambridge)
16/06/23 Designing PV-EV Integrated Residential Microgrids in the post-COVID World Link Anaïs Berkes - ETH Zürich
30/06/23 Data-driven Building Energy Systems: Applications, Platforms, and Benchmarking Link Dan Wang - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
07/07/23 Dynamic Distribution Network Reconfiguration with Generation and Load Uncertainty Link Vincent Wong - University of British Columbia
14/07/23 Narrowing Precipitation Uncertainty over High Mountain Asia with Probabilistic Machine Learning Link Kenza Tazi
21/07/23 Parallel Universes, Parallel Processing: Using expired weather forecasts to supply up to 10 000 years of weather data (on an HPC cluster) Link Petr Dolezal
28/07/23 Identifying direct deforestation drivers in sub-Saharan Africa using deep learning and high-resolution satellite imagery Link Amandine Debus
Michaelmas term 2023
Date Title of presentation Recording Speaker
22/09/23 Fast Tagging of Pollinator Field Videos with Convolutional Tsetlin Machines Link Sachin Mathew, University of Cambridge
29/09/23 Computational Agroecology: Rethinking Agriculture with State Spaces Link Barath Raghavan
06/10/23 Measuring Small-scale Tropical Forest Disturbance with GEDI Link Amelia Holcomb
13/10/23 Creating a High-Resolution Canopy Height Map of the Earth Link Konrad Schindler from ETH Zürich
20/10/23 Taking the Long View: Enhancing Learning On Multi-Temporal, High-Resolution, and Disparate Remote Sensing Data for Measuring the Spread of Buildings Link Jay Taneja - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
27/10/23 Designing PV-EV integrated Residential Microgrids Link Srivasan Keshav - University of Cambridge
03/11/23 Tokenized Carbon Credits Link Derek Sorensen, University of Cambridge
10/11/23 From open source and open data to “open computation”: a climate science perspective Link Roly Perera, University of Cambridge
17/11/23 Forest biomass mapping and monitoring with NASA Lidars Link Laura Innice Duncanson. University of Maryland
24/11/23 Telling Tree Stories through Laser Scans and AI Link Stefano Puliti, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
01/12/23 Batteries beyond Power Supplies Link Liang He - University of Colorado Denver
08/12/23 Full-waveform LiDAR and Scalability of Forests Plots Milto Miltiadou, University of Cambridge
15/12/23 The Real Information in Climate Simulations Link Milan Klöwer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lent term 2024
Date Title of presentation Recording Speaker
12/01/24 If a Tree Falls in the Forest, Does It Cause a Fire? Link Laura James, Overstory
19/01/24 Programming for the Planet: the challenges of repeatable and reproducible computing for enviromental sciences Link Michael Dales, University of Camridge
26/01/24 Uncertainty at Scale: How CS Hinders Climate Research Link Patrick Ferris, University of Cambridge
02/02/24 Group Discussion - What I Wish I Had Known Earlier in My Research Career Group Discussion
09/02/24 Carbon Clarity in the Global Petrochemical Supply Chain Link Jonathan Cullen + students, University of Cambridge
16/02/24 Reimagining Urban Energy: Policy Implications of Bidirectional Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy, and Work-from-Home Trends Anaïs Berkes, University of Cambridge
23/02/24 AI-Refined Radiative Transfer Modelling to Retrieve Biophysical Variables in Forests Link Yihang She, University of Cambridge
01/03/24 Challenges in Computing Climate Sensitivity and Climate Solutions: Examples from Glaciology and CO2 Storage Link Jerome Neufeld, University of Camridge
08/03/24 Analyzing the Impacts of Extreme Heat on Buildings Link Livia Capol, ETH Zurich
15/03/24 Renewables as Reserve Providers; Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity Link Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
22/03/24 The Future of 24/7 Clean Energy driven by AI Link Dr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, CTO, Energy Industry, Asia, Microsoft. // Dr. Srinivasan Iyengar, Senior Program Manager, Asia, Microsoft.
28/03/24 Towards Global, General-Purpose Geographic Location Encoders Link Konstantin Klemmer, Microsoft Research
Easter term 2024
Date Title of presentation Recording Speaker
05/04/24 Tracking Compound Heat and Humidity Impacts Link Chloe Brimicombe, Wegener Center, University of Graz, Austria
12/04/24 Mechanisms Against Climate Change Link Carl Edward Rasmussen, University of Cambridge
19/04/24 Transforming Your Understanding of Large Language Models: A Primer Link Sadiq Jaffer, Planetary Computing Fellow Department of Computer Science and Technology
26/04/24 Using AI to Accelerate Evidence Synthesis and Decision Support to Save Biodiversity Link Alec Christie, Henslow Research Fellow, Downing College
03/05/24 Digital Participatory Tools for Rural Communities in India to Adapt to Climate Change Link Aaditeshwar Seth, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
10/05/24 Automated Fact-Checking of Climate Change Claims with Large Language Models Link Dominik Stammbach, ETH Zürich
24/05/24 SOPEVS: Sizing and Operation of PV-EV-Integrated Modern Homes Anaïs Berkes - Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge
31/05/24 Internet Connectivity in the Global South: Challenges and Lessons Learned Andres Arcia-Moret, AMD - former researcher at UCAM
07/06/24 An App for Tree Trunk Diameter Estimation from Coarse Optical Depth Maps Link Frank Feng, Independent Researcher
14/06/24 Title to be confirmed Speaker to be confirmed