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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Friday, 19 January, 2024 - 13:00 to 14:00
Michael Dales, University of Camridge
FW11, William Gates Building. Zoom link:

Abstract: As we race to deal with the climate crisis facing the planet, ecologists are increasingly turning to computational analysis, both in the domains of academic research, and in other domains like assessing carbon impact of field projects for carbon offsets. But as if this wasn’t enough, both the expression of computation and the management of the vast amounts of data involved prevent significant hurdles in ensuring that we can generate results that are repeatable, transparent and timely. In the EEG group we are looking at how computer science needs to step in to support ecologists achieve this goal, and this talk will outline the specific challenges we’ve observed working closely with members of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and avenues we’re taking to solve these problems. Bio: Michael is a research associate in the Computer Lab, part of the EEG, working at the intersection of computer science and ecology: how can computing best support those trying to save the planet. Previously he’s worked in many different domains, all linked by an aim to use technology to solve problems people face: at Bromium he lead the Mac product team working on virtualisation based security software, he worked at Ndiyo, an attempt to make thin client computing a solution to equitable internet access in the developing world, and he’s worked in gaming and education in the earlier days of geolocation in mobile. Outside of computing, he builds guitars that mix traditional woodwork with the cutting edge of 3D printing and generative design.

Seminar series: 
Energy and Environment Group