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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Computer Science Tripos, Part II, 2021-22

This Announcement relates to Regulation 16(a) of the Computer Science Tripos for students in Part II who have already taken Paper 7, which is as follows:

16(a). ...two units of assessment shall be offered, as specified by Notice of the Head of the Department not later than the end of the Easter term next preceding the examination;

Note that this Regulation applies to all candidates whether or not they are for honours.

Work to be Undertaken

Following the announcement of the available units of assessment at the end of Easter Term last, Part II candidates for 2020–21 are required to undertake two of the following units:

Unit Assessment type and mark contribution
Advanced Data Science:ADS Four practicals(20%) One report (80%)
Advanced Graphics and Image Processing: AGIP Two practical exercises (50%); test (50%)
Advanced Operating Systems: AOS 2 Assignments: Lab 1 (10%); Lab 2 (90%)
Introduction to Robotics: ARO Two assignments (45% of the overall grade each), Presentation 10%
Category Theory: CAT Exercise (25% ); Test (75%)
Cloud Computing: CC 2 Assignments (70%, 20%) Reports  (10%)
Comp Systems Modelling: CSM Three Assignments (45%, 45%, 10%)
Cybercrime: CYC Four Essays (25% each)
Deep Neural Networks DNN Assignment 1 (30%); Assignment 2 (70%)
Digital Signal Processing DSP Test (40%); Three exercises (20% each)
Digital Signal Processing with Computer Music: DSPCM 3 Assignments (25%,30%,30%; plus 5% prep for each)
Interaction with Machine Learning 6 submissions (20%) One assignment (80%)
Machine Visual Perception Practical Exercise (20%); Project report (80%)
Multicore Semantics Two assignments (50% of the overall grade each)
NLP Assign1 (10%); Assign2 (10%); Assign3 (80%)

All assignments, reports, presentations and tests are graded. In addition, there may be exercises which are pass-fail and it is expected that all candidates pass all exercises (if any) in a given unit. Note that there are internal deadlines for individual exercises and tests that must be adhered to. The penalty for late submission is $(n + 10)/40 \times mark$ where $n$ is the integer part of the number of days late. Further information, including details of the exercises, reports and presentations which must be handed in, will be given by the proprietors of the associated classes.

Submission of Portfolio

To satisfy the requirements of Regulation 16(a), all reports will, once they have been accepted, be retained by the Department. The Part II examiners will be provided with the total number of marks awarded to each candidate.