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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The Student Administration offices are located in the William Gates Building, 15 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0FD.

Undergraduate Student Administration Office

Mrs Helen Averill, Teaching Administration Manager (Undergraduate)
phone: +44 1223 3-34639
Room GC06

Teaching Administration Assistants (Room GC04):

Miss Helen Neal
phone: +44 1223 3-34420

Ms Marion Cobby
phone: +44 1223 7-63505

General email for the Teaching Admin Team:

The office has a hatch to the main atrium (“The Street”), right next to reception, and is open Mon–Fri 09:30–16:30.


  • Administration of the Computer Science Tripos examinations
  • Answering enquiries from applicants
  • Administration of CS Tripos lecture notes
  • Stock-keeping of solution notes for supervisors
  • Administration of Part IA portfolios
  • Administration of Part IB group projects
  • Arranging Part II supervisions
  • Arranging Part II project overseer groups
  • Managing submission of project proposals, progress reports and dissertations from Part II students


Postgraduate Education Office

Ms Lise Gough (Postgraduate Education Manager)
phone: +44 1223 3-34656
Room FS05

Postgraduate Education Assistant
phone: +44 1223 3-34652
Room FS03

The Postgraduate Education office is located on the first floor south.


  • Degree Committee business email to
    • administering PhD examinations
    • administering MPhil examinations
    • administering CPGS examinations
  • Postgraduate student applications
    • answering enquiries from postgraduate applicants
    • postgraduate application administration and admissions
  • Collecting all MPhil and Part III submissions, projects and essays
  • Collecting all research student submissions
  • Researcher Development administration

Opening times

Postgraduate Education Office staff can normally be reached Mondays to Fridays but not on weekends, public holidays and departmental closure days:

Opening: 9:00
Closing: 16:45

General enquiries should be sent to eiher or