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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Energy and Environment Group (EEG)

The Energy and Environment Research Group applies computer science to address renewable energy integration, energy demand reduction, and the assessment and management of environmental impact (e.g. climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation) from anthropogenic activities.

We operate in an interdisciplinary manner, collaborating with climate scientists, ecologists, engineers, lawyers, regulators, and economists, and conducting wide engagement with external partners to effect evidence-based outcomes.


The goals of the group are to

  • Disseminate information in energy and environment topic areas through seminars, workshops, and scientific publications
  • Encourage collaboration between group members within this Department and help coordinate interdisciplinary initiatives across University departments.
  • Provide mentoring to students (Part II, III, MPhil, and students in the AI4ER and Sensors Doctoral Training Centres)
  • Create an entity that can attract external funding and donations.
  • Gather equipment and laboratory space required (e.g. sensors, drones)
  • Provide guidance to the Teaching Committee on Computer Science Tripos courses relevant to energy and environment.
  • Contribute to the development of relevant undergraduate and graduate courses within the University.
  • Have a measurable impact on tools and techniques for de-risking our future.


  • Faculty members (University Teaching Officers) in the Department for Computer Science and Technology 
  • Postdocs, PhDs, Lab Visitors and Master’s students primarily from the Department for Computer Science and Technology and other departments, as appropriate


  • Termtime seminar series with presentations from members and visitors 
  • Weekly group lunches/meetings
  • Occasional offsites to natural environments

Affiliated centres