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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Scheme of Assessment

This page only documents Part III requirements which differ from those for the MPhil in ACS. Students should refer to that ACS page for requirements not overridden by this page.

As specified in the Head of Department's Notice for Part III, students must:

  • submit a project report of up to 12,000 words (worth four modules);
  • take five taught modules, selected from those offered in each year in consultation with their Director of Studies, each of which is assessed independently.

The Marking and Classing guidance to examiners for the MEng degree resulting from Part III is that a Pass is awarded for average mark of 60% across all modules (including project), a Merit for 67% and a Distinction for 75%.

Coursework and Written Tests

Please refer to the table of assessment for details regarding coursework, tests and deadlines.

The form of the taught modules and their assessment is identical to that of the MPhil in ACS.

Part III projects

Suggested guidelines to Part III project assessors:

Self-certification for coursework extensions

Please read the department's policy on self-certification.

In order to self-certify, please complete the form on the Moodle page. If you require an extension for longer than the module's maximum length, or you have already self-certified twice, please contact your college tutor to make an EAMC application instead.