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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Project suggestions for 2022-23 Part II Projects will be available on this page at the end of May 2022.

Students entering Part II in October 2022 should have identified a potential project and an appropriate supervisor by the first day of Michaelmas term (this is Phase 1).  You will also need to briefly describe a potential project. We therefore encourage students to start the search for a project as soon as possible after the IB exams. Please use the following Google sheet to help you identify potential supervisors and topics. (Note: The Supervisor sheet is a list of self-identified potential supervisors. A listed supervisor is not endorsed as appropriate for you, and It is fine to have a supervisor not on this list. The sheet remains editable to potential supervisors, so please chck back for updates.)

Project supervisor list 2022/23

Advice on project selection


Suggestions 2021-2022:

Note: these are informal suggestions for projects that may not have been checked by the Computer Laboratory.

Perhaps also look at Project suggestions from previous years.

To get an idea of what a completed dissertation looks like, you can also view dissertations from previous years.