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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Computer Science Tripos, Part III, and M.Phil in ACS Forms

Modules and assessment forms

Changing modules or the Option


  • Up until 7 October 2019, MPhil and Part III students may change their module selections in consultation with their Course Advisers or Directors of Studies. The Course Adviser will notify the Graduate Education Office of the change.
  • After 7 October, students wanting to change a module must consult with their Course Adviser and then collect a module change form from the Graduate Education Office (GEO). The GEO will check that the module you wish to change into is not already oversubscribed or that there is a clash with another module being undertaken. Then ask the course lecturer to agree to take you on the module and obtain their signature. Return the signed form to the GEO for logging on CamSIS, the student record system.
  • Practical and reading group lecturers (for the 'P' and 'R' modules) usually issue coursework, team allocations and presentations schedules in Week 1. It is therefore unusual for a student to be permitted to change into one of these modules after the first week of term.
  • 23 October 2019 The deadline for the final selection of modules for Michaelmas Term (M.Phil only). Thereafter no further changes may be made to Michaelmas modules.
  • 6 December 2019 The deadline for the final selection of modules for Lent Term 2020. Thereafter no further changes may be made to Lent modules without special permission.

Special Topics S500 and S501

Special Topics S500 and S501 must be discussed with the Course Adviser and Course Director and then agreed by the Graduate Education Committee.
A student who wishes to take a module from outside the ACS syllabus should let their Course Adviser know before Friday 20 September 2019 so that this may be discussed by the GEC. Special Topics are available to MPhil students only.

Computer Science Tripos, Part III students

Part III students should refer to the Information for Directors of Studies and students for the final dates for module enrolment on CamSIS. Information about changing modules is as for MPhil students above.

  • Final module selections will be approved by the Graduate Education Committee at their meeting in Michaelmas Term.

Coursework forms

Project forms

All project proposals and their cover sheets must be signed by the project supervisor and also the relevant Course Adviser or Director of Studies before being submitted to the Graduate Education Office FS03.

Students must submit the signed proposal forms by the published deadlines (see Part III and MPhil ACS projects timetable).

If you require, or have organised, a desk within a research group, this should be agreed with your supervisor and Departmental Secretary, and arrangements noted under section C of the form.