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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The academic year

There are three terms to a University of Cambridge academic year: Michaelmas, Lent and Easter.

  Start End
Michaelmas 1 October 19 December
Lent 5 January 30 March
Easter 15 April 30 June

As a research student you will normally pay tuition and College fees for nine terms. However, Graduate Students operate on the basis of the whole academic year which extends beyond the end of Easter Term. Your academic year begins on 1 October and ends on 30 September. College and tuition fees are not payable for the period between the end of Easter Term and the beginning of Michaelmas Term.

As a Graduate Student, you are expected to work around 40 hours per week and will be expected to be resident in Cambridge for this period unless you have

*You may take vacations during Computer Laboratory closure dates such as Christmas and Easter and, with your supervisor's agreement, a period over the summer.

See Cambridge Term dates for information about full term dates.

Registration and week 1

Event Notes Where Date & Time
Registration Michaelmas admissions; students arriving in Lent term may register from 5 January. FS05 From 10:00, Thurs 5 October 2023
Health and Safety Course Compulsory (unless previously a UoC master's student) Online  
Research Skills programme Mandatory (unless previously a UoC MPhil in ACS student) Online Wednesday 11:00, 4 October 2023
Induction All new research students and new research assistants In person FW26

Monday 16 October 2023

10:00 - 14:00

Welcome event Drinks and nibbles (By invitation only)  The Street 

Friday 13 October 2023

from 17:30 - 19:00

First, second and third-year report submissions

We need an electronic versions of all reports uploaded to the department's filer. The third-year progress statement should be no more than a couple of pages' long.

First-year report and thesis proposal/CPGS

Date of admission   Report submission date 
October 30 June
January 30 October
April 31 January

Second-year report


Date of admission    Report submission date 
October by 30 June
January by 30 October
April by 31 January

Third-year progress statement


Date of admission    Report submission date 
October by 30 September
January by 30 December
April by 31 March

Researcher development: RSP Moodle 'logbooks' will normally be submitted annually with your reports (see above); annual Tally sheets are due on 31 July regardless of admission date

Other important dates

Postgraduate Studies Open Day To be confirmed
Industry Recruitment Fair: The Street To be confirmed
Lab closure dates  
Christmas  24 December - 2 January
Easter 15 April - 18 April

The Postgraduate Education Team
September 2023