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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Please keep us in the loop!

The Hall of Fame is our list of companies started by the graduates and staff of the department. You can see the current list here.  

But we only know about these companies if people tell us about them, so please help us to keep the information up to date!

You can use this form to tell us about a company that we don't yet have listed, or to update information about an existing one.

Please note that we don't really include single-person companies in this list (however much we value them in other ways!)

Company details

Please let us know in the notes below if the name has changed recently.
Please give the name of the founders or co-founders who are connected to the Department.
This can be approximate! We're really after the size of the organisation, so please count subcontractors, directors etc if that's a better representation of the number of people actively involved. We don't normally include single-person companies, however valuable they may be in other ways!
Please give us a short (typically one-or-two sentence) description of the company. We reserve the right to edit this, especially if it's too long!
Anything else you'd like us to know!