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The following are umbrella terms covering all kinds of work-related injuries to the muscles, nerves, and tendons of the upper limbs.

In this section they will be referred to as:

  • VDU (Visual Display Unit),
  • ULD (Upper Limb Disorder),
  • RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
  • OOS (Occupational Overuse Syndrome)

Work place assessments

It is a legal requirement for all 'VDU Users' to have a Work Place Assessment (pdf) for each workstation they use.
The assessment covers the machine itself and the immediate surroundings, such as the desk, and also takes into account the wider environment, such as lighting, and covers the user's job description and such things.
This needs to be repeated every time any of the factors changes.
A separate WPA (pdf) is required for each VDU.

Departmental policy

The Departmental Policy is to go beyond the requirements of the Law, and undertakes full training and assessment for all members of the laboratory, which we think of as people allocated an office in the department.
For other users of VDUs in the department, such as those on taught courses, we endeavour to train them in the use of VDUs, but they do not require WPAs.

Self assessment form

The University publishes a booklet on VDU use, which all members of the department should read. At the end of this is a 'Self Assessment' form.
This can be:

  • filled out in the booklet itself
  • photocopied from the booklet and completed
  • a printed copy of the PDF, or Word self assessment document.

A campaign has started to ensure that we have copies (electronic or paper) of WPAs for all members of the department. If anyone has any problems completing the form, a member of the committee will be available to work though it, explaining the questions.

Training and prevention of RSI

For basic tips on how to prevent RSI, see Working safely with display screen equipment

First year Computer Science students (undergraduate or graduate) receive a short lecture on RSI, its causes, and its prevention.

There is a Safety Course for New Graduate Students which covers wider aspects of safety in the University.

For more information, please see the UIS page on upper limb disorders.

The department will try to accommodate any people with disabilities, but we do ask that special needs are declared before someone comes to the Department.


In our department, the most likely risk are problems relating to VDU use. Although many kinds of work can bring on ULD symptoms, computer users are particularly at risk.

The following websites may be of interest:

General disability

For more information on disability in general, visit: