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Department of Computer Science and Technology


It is everyone's responsibility to carry out Risk Assessments for all tasks which they perform, including travel.
This should be checked by the person's supervisor, mentor or host.

The nature of the work carried out at the Lab is relatively safe, and there are few risks to consider, though you may find the information on the following do apply to you:

If you come across other common risks which should be listed here, please contact the Pagemaster.

For more unusual risks, such as: working with live mains wires or fixing the antenna on the roof, please contact the Safety Officer to discuss suitable precautions to ensure your protection.

Making assessments

  • Assessments for staff and students - A brief description of how to make an assessment and what happens once risks are identified.
  • Self assessment checklist - This form allows staff and students to assess their own work environment for risks.
    PDF version
  • Personal emergency evacuation Plan (PEEP) - An assessment for those with mobility, visual or auditory issues which may cause problems during an emergency evacuation of the building.
  • For low risk travel, see the Low Risk Travel page. For high risk travel, complete the blank form, available in Word and PDF format. It is important that a risk assessment is completed before any travel takes place. Also note that it is an essential requirement for University travel insurance.

Blank RA forms

Example RAs

  • Photocopier toner
    A risk assessment concerning the hazards when handling photocopier toner.
  • Lifting water bottles
    A risk assessment concerning the lifting and replacing of water dispenser water bottles.