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Department of Computer Science and Technology


This page is intended for people who may have problems leaving the building in the event of a fire, e.g. those with mobility problems, auditory or visual impairment.

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Assessment must be carried out, as it is a University requirement that anyone entering any University building must be able to be evacuated (i.e. evacuated by the users of the building), and must not rely on the Fire and Rescue Service to rescue them.

For members of the department and its students these will be written, but for day visitors the needs will be evaluated by a suitable staff member, e.g. FSM, DSO or deputy FSM.

Unfortunately, the building's original Fire Safety Strategy has been voided by the requirement to evacuate meaning that people cannot remain in Places of Refuge until rescued.

In particular people with mobility problems who need assistance to get out of the building are only allowed above the ground floor if they can be evacuated with assistance or using an Evac+Chair.

Outside office hours they must be accompanied at all times by someone trained to evacuate them.

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