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What to do in an emergency

If the alarms go off: leave by the most direct available route. If that route is blocked, follow the alternate green man signs. Go to the nearest Assembly point as instructed by the fire wardens

If you detect a fire:

  • Operate the nearest fire alarm by raising the protective flap (if fitted) and breaking the glass of a Red Fire alarm point which are located at every normal and emergency exit from the building.
  • Leave the building by the nearest safe exit
  • Report to the Assembly Point (front of the building). If no fire wardens are present, call (01223 3) 31818 or 999 to report the incident.
  • Do not check the building for occupants. There are designated Fire wardens who will do this if present in the building. However, where possible, please inform a fire warden about what you have seen and where it was located.
  • Do not re-enter the building before the alarm has been cleared by the fire brigade or Building Services

If you see or have an accident, or feel unwell: summon a First Aider, either by following the instructions on the green first aid notices, or by contacting reception on 63500.
If nobody is contactable, call the emergency services on 1-999.

In either case give clear instructions as to where you are.

If ever help is needed: try contacting reception on 63500.
In an emergency, if nobody is available phone the university security on (01223 3) 31818.

The Room numbering page provides information on how rooms are numbered and floor plans to help you locate where you are. You may wish to print these out and have them pinned up in your office for use in an emergency.

For floor plans which show emergency exits and assemby points:
Ground floor
1st floor
2nd floor

Building evacuation

In the event of an Emergency, the building is fitted with numerous fire sensors (thermal or ionization).
If one of these is triggered or someone uses one of the alarm buttons, you will hear throughout the building a repeated signal tone, followed by the announcement:

There is a fire in the building. Evacuate immediately!.


Please leave the building by the nearest exit and go to assembly point F which is located at the front of the building.

In the case of a bomb alert, the warning system will tell people to leave the building.

The recommendation is to go at least a quarter of a mile away.
We currently meet beyond the nursery at the South West corner of the accomodation block, near the Coton Footpath:
Emergency escape route.

Emergency telephone numbers

On the University telephone network:

Fire, Police, Ambulance 1 999
University Security Control Centre: emergency calls 101
University Security Control Centre: routine calls (01223 3)31818
Computer Laboratory reception (01223 7)63500
Department of Physics 37200
Building services (01223 7)63662



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