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Department of Computer Science and Technology



To ensure safety with shared buildings, it is University Policy that a Fire Manager is appointed for a building rather than for a department.

The Fire Manager for the WGB is Martin McDonnell.

The procedures in the case of fire are beside all Fire Call Points.
Learn where they are in relation to where you work; if there is a fire, there may not be the opportunity to consult them at the time.


It is University Policy to have Fire wardens whose role it is to attempt to:

  • clear the building in case of an alarm
  • note offices which are known to be empty
  • pass on known information to the Fire Brigade when they arrive
  • keep people out of the building until the Fire Brigade declare it safe to re-enter

Anyone willing to be trained to do this should contact the Fire Manager.
The intention is that we should have two fire wardens per corridor.


Fire Doors

Please DO NOT prop fire doors open.

Some fire doors (mostly mid-corridor doors) are held open by a magnet which is released when the alarms go off. These are marked with a notice such as:
Automatic Fire Door - Keep Clear.
These are not a concern.

Fire doors should not be wedged open, held by a fire extinguisher, etc.
If you see such a doors wedged open in this manner, please remove the obstruction and check that it closes.

If there is a repeated problem or you are concerned, please email Building services.

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