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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Filer maintenance: Tues 28 Sep (rescheduled)

20 September 2021

Update: this work has been rescheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 28th September due to contractor unavailability.

The NetApp filers, which serve most of the data within the department including home directories, group filespace, shared drives etc., will be upgraded to a new software version on the...

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ssh users: upgrade of ely / slogin-serv system

21 July 2021

The TSS 'ely', the main machine in the ssh service, is being upgraded as there is a security vulnerability in its kernel. If things don't work, please try slogin-new in place of ely.

The main Lab Time Sharing System 'ely' is running a rather old Distribution, which no longer has full...

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www-dyn / www-dyn1 rebuilt on Ubuntu 20.04 - www-dyn2 (Fedora 9) shutdown

27 March 2021

The www-dyn service, provided by www-dyn1 runing Fedora 9, ceased working a year ago (the www-dyn2 and www-dyn3 services continued to run).

It has now been re-instantiated on a Ubuntu 20.04 server (PHP 7.4), and www-dyn2, also running on Fedora 9, has been shut down.

Could all www-dyn users please check...

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Datacentre cooling works

26 May 2020

An upgrade to the cooling capacity of the department's datacentre (GN09) will take place starting on 1st June 2020, for two weeks.

No interruption to service is expected since a very capable temporary cooling system will be in operation during that time. However the risk of disruption is slightly increased....

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svr-ssh-0 now Ubuntu 20.04 - please try it if you use slogin-serv

3 May 2020 is provided by three servers, mostly by "ely". One of the two alternatives,, has been upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04. If you routinely use slogin-serv, please try using svr-ssh-0 and email sys-admin if tere any problems. Thanks.

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Guidance on using Zoom

24 April 2020

UIS has now published guidance on how to use Zoom securely for online videoconferencing.

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Launch of Microsoft Teams

19 March 2020

Microsoft Teams is now live. It is the recommended and supported online collaboration tool for the University. Teams is integrated with other Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) products.

Access Teams via a browser (Chrome is recommended) or download the desktop app .

For more information on how...

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Mailing list for announcing filer migration disruption

5 September 2019

The migration of filespaces from elmer to our new NetApp servers is likely to start sometime after 24th September and will take several weeks to complete. We have created a temporary mailing list for announcements relating to this migration.

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filer alias updated

4 September 2019

The windows file server name \\ now refers to a DFS server.

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Changes to the www-dyn{,1,2,3} service

30 August 2019

The facility used by the dynamic user web page service to securely access the filer relies on a feature of the old filer which is not available on the new ones .

This requires all users of the dynamic user web page service to move their files to a separate volume on the filer. This should not affect most users,...

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