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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Update: this work has been rescheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday 28th September due to contractor unavailability.

The NetApp filers, which serve most of the data within the department including home directories, group filespace, shared drives etc., will be upgraded to a new software version on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th September.

We do not expect any interruption to service, since each filer is served by a resilient pair of systems: we can run everything on one half of the hardware whilst we upgrade the other half. However there is a small risk of disruption if the upgrade does not go as planned.

The upgrade will be performed remotely by engineers from our NetApp maintenance contractors, Q Associates, who originally installed our NetApps and will be supervised by sys-admin.

We hope that the upgrade will fix a few bugs.

Published by Malcolm Scott on Monday 20th September 2021