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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Work to upgrade power resilience in the Computer Lab's datacentre (GN09) will take place from 10th until 13th January 2023, requiring a shutdown of some electrical circuits in our datacentre for most of 13th January.  This will require powering off a number of (mainly) research servers, and some network equipment connecting a larger set of research servers.  Owners of affected servers have been contacted.  We have some (very limited) capacity to provide temporary power to some machines if arranged in advance.

Besides those servers for which we have notified, as well as partial unavailability of the Caelum Console server management system, we do not expect any other disruption.  The filer, office network, VPN, etc. are expected to remain fully functional.  However some of our other systems will be running without power resilience for that day.  Immediate disruption is possible in the event of a problem with the mains power during this work.

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Published by Malcolm Scott on Thursday 29th December 2022