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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Read more at: Windows7 RC1 now available locally

Windows7 RC1 now available locally

11 May 2009

You can now download Windows 7 from the local MSDNAA site, , in both 32 and 64 bit versions. Please remember that since this is a release candidate it will stop working after a set period. It is only suitable for experimental use.

Read more at: dns[01].cl auth NS to refuse "other" requests

dns[01].cl auth NS to refuse "other" requests

7 May 2009

The authorative nameservers for are moving to return REFUSED for requests for other domains

rather than sending back AUTHORITY and ADDITIONAL RRs to help the client to find the requested RR.

sans has details of how packets with spoofed src IP addresses are being send to NSs to...

Read more at: new page on sec=krb5

new page on sec=krb5

5 May 2009

The new page nfs-sec-krb5 has some initial simple (!) examples of using NFS sec=krb5 - feedback welcome.

Read more at: Tool to test ssh authorized_keys files

Tool to test ssh authorized_keys files

1 May 2009

Users can check that their ~/.ssh/authorized_keys files is "acceptable" with /usr/groups/admin/cmds/ .

The script, which is used to check the acceptability of users' authorized_keys, has been modified to be (a bit) more user friendly, having originally been intended for scanning all...

Read more at: Terminal Server changes

Terminal Server changes

1 May 2009

We are about to release a new terminal server ( to replace the ones (waterloo & charingcross) that have been in service for the last 6 years.

This runs on Windows 2008 rather than 2003 and so roaming profiles are not shared between the old and new services. In addition the...

Read more at: Web server upgraded

Web server upgraded

27 April 2009

The main lab web server was upgraded to Apache 2.2 on 27 April 2009. Please check any particular configurations (e.g. via .htaccess) that you rely on and contact webmaster@cl if you spot any problems.