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Department of Computer Science and Technology

In a previous announcement, I said that the Windows file server name \\filer would change from being an alias of \\elmer to a dedicated server that would offer redirections to the appropriate destination for each item in the filesystem. This will allow filespaces to be migrated to the new NetApp fileserver a few at a time without end users having to know which is where.

This change has now been made. From a Windows client, \\filer will appear to be a single server, but individual folders will be redirected transparently to the real server that holds them.

Many items are accessible through more that one path. For example the primary route to user home directories is through the share called userfiles, but there are also a number of shares with names beginning homes-, each containg a subset of users. The latter type will gradually go away as files are migrated.

If you are in the habit of using \\elmer you should change to \\filer as the former will be gradually de-populated and eventually disappear entirely.

Published by Martyn Johnson on Wednesday 4th September 2019