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Department of Computer Science and Technology


For invigilators and attendants

The building has a single alarm, all out fire alarm system, such that any single automatic or manual alarm will cause a full Fire Alarm (rather than just an alert).

Due to this, and the fact that the two Lecture Theatres have large double doors directly to the outside world, we have been given dispensation by the University Fire Officer (UFO) that we need not evacuate students taking exams due to the fire alarm sounding.

Very shortly after the alarm is sounded, the Supervisor should brief the Attendants that there is believed to be no imminent danger and they should report this to their respective Invigilators.
The Invigilators should then ask the candidates to continue working and explain that extra time will be added at the end of the exam.

Students should be informed of this special dispensation before the exam starts, so that if the Alarm does go off, they do not immediately leave their seats, and so that they are more calm, having been prepared in advance.

If the alarms do sound, the Attendants should be instructed to continue monitoring for real danger (e.g. smoke or flames) until it is known that it was a False Alarm.

The Invigilator should tell the students to continue with their exam until told otherwise, and should then demonstrate that the fire doors open directly to the outside world.


For students before an exam starts

In the case of the Fire Alarm sounding, if the Invigilator tells you that there is no imminent real danger, remain in your seats, and attempt to continue with your exam.
People will be monitoring the situation, and if there is any real danger, the building will be cleared.

Extra time will be added on at the end of the exam to compensate for the disruption.