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Department of Computer Science and Technology


Code of practice

The university has withdrawn its previous electrical Code of Practice document, and as of January 2003, is working on a new Guidelines for electrical inspection and testing.
Until this has been completed, see the HSE document and Engineering


Most equipment is tested annually, with high risk equipment such as portable drills being tested more frequently.

The tests depend on the risk associated with each appliance.
For example, computers and their mains leads are electrically tested every five years at the time of the fixed wiring tests, and the other years they have a visual inspection.


The current or planned use of any Class 3 or Class 4 laser devices or UV sources in the department needs to be reported to the Departmental Laser Safety Officer, currently Markus Kuhn.

For more information on laser and UV source safety see the lab and university pages on lasers and ultraviolet.

Privately owned equipment

Portable Apparatus Tests should be performed by Building Services on all equipment brought into the department, regardless of ownership.

Such testing does not imply any permission to connect the equipment, it simply ensures safety.

The current policy on what privately owned equipment can be connected:


  • Low power mains adaptors
  • Double insulated equipment
  • Computers


  • High power equipment (i.e, heaters)
  • Water using equipment (i.e, kettles)

Before connecting any other equipment, contact the DSO, BSM or HoD.