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Department of Computer Science and Technology


This document describes matters relating to Health and Safety when using the departmental barbecue.

Although called a Barbecue, it is in effect a hot plate, and comes in the form of a trolley.

Electrical Supply

The barbecue takes a 12.5A supply.

As the rated current is close to the maximum for standard plugs sockets and cables, extra care should be taken to ensure that no point is overloaded.

Use only fully unwound 13A rated extension leads, and ensure that no other equipment is fed from the same socket.

Although requested, no external power sockets were provided. As such, power from inside the building has to be used. This should be connected via a suitable (yet to be found) safety device. (the thermostat tends to trip out RCCDs), and taken through a window (rather than a door, as the cable may be damaged if the door closes), which is likely to require an Alan key (available from the BSM).


The University Fire Office (UFO) has said that we can use it in the two main courtyards, but not on the second floor west balcony.
If wanted anywhere else, the UFO should be consulted.

Fire precautions

A senior member of staff who will be present should be briefed in the procedure in case of fire.

Ensure that there are two CO2 extinguishers available when using the barbecue.
If a Fire Warden trained in the use of extinguishers is present, they can be used to put out any small incidents.

In the event of a fire, or incident, although no intervention is required, the basics are:

  • Ensure everyone evacuates to safe places OUTSIDE the building. The Courtyards are NOT safe places to congregate
  • Dial 999, using a mobile when a safe distance from the building, to confirm that a Fire Engine is on its way
  • Ensure someone is clearly visible on J J Thompson Avenue to direct the Fire Engine to the building
  • Liaise directly with the senior member of the Fire Brigade on site. They know a lot about fires and buildings, but you know more about the WGB than they do

Under no circumstances should anyone put themselves at risk.

Alarm systems

Users of the building should be used to the Fire Alarm sound and procedures.
Visitors should be told what the alarm will sound like, and what to do in case of an alarm.

If used outside normal working hours, there may be an interaction with the building Intruder Alarm.
A senior member of staff should be briefed on the appropriate actions to be taken. These may include:

  • Notify Security shortly before the event starts about what is happening, and where
  • Ensure that the relevant keys and codes are obtained in advance
  • Arrange that the system is not armed when doors may be opened
  • Ensure that the system is armed when the event has finished

Food preparation

For most events, departmental staff will not prepare food.
(I.e, staff may purchase ready-cooked food that just needs to be chilled or heated, but it is unlikely that they will prepare any raw food, in particular, raw meat.)
As such, great care is needed to follow full hygiene procedures.

Remember that a burnt outside does not mean that the inside has been cooked. Open the food and check it is cooked throughout.

Ensure that the surfaces used for cooking is cleaned before and after use.

Users have noticed that the hot plate is not suitable for chicken portions or anything other than slices of meat or sausages.

See also:
Food safety

Guidelines for use

We request that you follow the guidelines below to ensure a safe and happy event:

  1. Book the location and use of the equipment with reception with as much notice as possible for the event, to avoid double booking
  2. Arrange for suitable electric cabling with Building Services
  3. Contact Security if relevant
  4. Check the electrical supply is safe
  5. Put two CO2 fire extinguishers by the equipment
  6. Clean the equipment before use
  7. When using the barbecue, ensure that the wheels are all in contact with firm ground and locked (i.e, it doesn't wobble or threaten to overturn and spill hot fat from the hot plate)
  8. Enjoy the food!
  9. Return the Fire Extinguishers
  10. Tell Security that the event has finished, and that the building is secure, if relevant
  11. Clean the equipment and return it (or next day)

If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact reception or building-services (especially for safety considerations and supply of extinguishers), who will be happy to help to ensure your event is booked properly, and run safely and smoothly.