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Department of Computer Science and Technology


The safety of everyone using the Computer Lab is paramount and it is therefore essential that everyone both knows what to do in an emergency to evacuate a building, and are capable of doing so quickly and safely without putting themselves or others at risk.

If you have any disability or impairment which may give you reason to believe that evacuation could be difficult, please ensure you contact the Safety Officer to discuss ways of ensuring your safety.

Please also inform the Safety Officer if you develop a condition which is temporary but could compromise your safety - broken limbs, back pain, muscular problems or impaired hearing or vision.

Personal emergency evacuation assessment

If it is agreed that your safety could be compromised in an emergency, the Safety Officer will carry out a PEEP assessment to ensure that your requirements can be met.

Places of refuge

Place of Refuge are marked places around the building where people who are unable to leave the building unaided can wait for assistance.

You should be safe for at least half an hour at these locations, however, if there is nobody there to help, you should attract attention (using the push button where available).

If you feel that you will need to use the Place of Refuge in an emergency, you need to ensure a Personal emergency evacuation assessment is carried out, to ensure you know where the Places of Refuge are located and that members of staff know to come and find you at one of these locations.