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Department of Computer Science and Technology

Description of Activity/Workplace


  • Lifting 20 litre bottles of water onto the water dispenser from ground level to roughly waist level.
  • Inverting them onto the stand.
Identified Hazards


  • Lifting of a heavy (20 kg approx) and awkward weight
Who those hazards affect


  • The person doing the bottle change
Reasonably foreseeable outcome


  • Back injury
  • Pulled muscles
Safe working procedure

It is recommended that anyone who changes the water bottles has been trained by way of a Manual Handling Course. This reduces the Risk of an injury.

(If you would like to take a Manual Handling Course, please contact Building Services, who can arrange one for you.

The area around the cooler should be kept free of obstructions, so that there is no cause to over-reach with a heavy water bottle, or trip whilst carrying it to the machine.

Clear instructions on how to lift a bottle and whom might be at risk from lifting should be visable on the water dispensers.
Should you find they are not, please contact Building Services.

Assessment carried out by Ian Burton-Palmer, Facilities Manager.

13th December 2007