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Department of Computer Science and Technology

  • PhD Student
  • This person is no longer active in the department.


I am currently a PhD student at ProrokLab in the Digital Technology Group (DTG) at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof Amanda Prorok. During my PhD, I focus on communication-aware motion planning for multi-robot coordination. I am investigating Graph Neural Networks (GNN) to build communication channels for multi-agent and multi-robot systems so that they can learn how to communicate with each other explicitly. My research can be applied to mobility-on-demand systems, automated warehouses, and smart cities.

Prior to joining Cambridge, I was working in the Hamlyn Centre at Imperial College London, founded by Prof Guang-Zhong Yang and the Lord Ara Darzi, in the field of medical robotics and healthcare to earn my MRes in Medical Robotics and Image-Guided Intervention. I was supervised by Prof Daniel Elson for an eight-month research project about oxygen saturation (StO2) estimation and graduated with a distinction. I also hold an MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh.



Teaching Assistant / Lab Demonstrator in Multi-Robot Systems (MRS)

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