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Department of Computer Science and Technology


By the time you get here, you will have a broad knowledge of CS and it's time to start focusing on what interests you most. Our third year provides a large set of courses to choose from, each letting you explore specific areas in depth with an expert in the that field. Those students who took one of the 50% options in their first year will sit papers 7, 8 and 9; those who took 75% computer science in their first year will sit papers 8 and 9 and two additional units of assessment.

You are free to choose the courses that interest you most. Perhaps you'd like to be a computer security expert, get your head around quantum computing, understand how to build global-scale systems, become an expert in artificial intelligence, or know how e-business works. What's more, you'll have a personal project that will let you show the world (and potential employers) just how good you are.

For the full course details for the current year, see the syllabus booklet